Sunday, 31 May 2009

What a Whit (!)

Sorry about the pun in the title, but it's certainly been quite a Whitsun! I have so much to say as it's been such a busy week........ firstly, how about that thing that we British love to discuss more than anything else in the world..?? (apart from MP's expenses!) The Weather.... oh my goodness, if this is the summer in Salcombe, then all I can say is bring it on.........!!! It has been the most glorious week here since I last blogged - apart from 1 day when it was all a bit iffy to start with, it's been absolutely tremendous.

So then - lets start with my friend Dena and her Mum's (Eileen) surprise 80th birthday party. This was the first time we had used our upstairs restaurant for a function of this nature and I'm very pleased to report it went off like clockwork. Dena had arranged a Frank Sinatra tribute act - a man by the name of Frankie Brava. I have to say he was absolutely fabulous - people outside in the street thought we had CD's on he was that good! Eileen had about 70 guests and couple that with a full downstairs restaurant on the Bank Holiday Monday, you can guess we were fairly (!) busy. Out of that has already come 1 confirmed booking and 1 tentative enquiry for something similar - so good news all the way round. That was a great end to the actual Whit weekend then and a brilliant start to this week, which had periods of being a little quiet when everyone took to the beach because of the heat - but it's been the late afternoons and early evenings when we've been rushed off our feet! It's quite an odd phenomenon - at around 5.15 there's a bell goes off in tourists heads and they come in to the pub en masse.................. one day last week due to poor planning and even poorer communication between staff (its all a learning curve!) we had 36 guests all wanting to be fed at 6.00.......... chef and kitchen bods weren't best impressed and I can't say I blame them! So, a new system is in place that lets us filter it all a bit easier and guests and staff all get a better deal. This week has been the closest we'll know about the summer break before it hits us in July - so if mistakes are going to be made (and it's daft to think they won't) then it's best to have them now!! Apart from that one evening session, it's all been fairly manageable - staff have arrived when they should and almost 500 meals were served over the course of 2 days. So SOH and I have been very pleased with how things went.

We also had a couple of friends, Mark & Jo come to visit us Thursday and Friday, so as we were fully staffed we took the day off with them on Friday and went to Dartmouth and Brixham. We drove through Slapton Sands and past Blackpool Beach - two more absolutely stunning places. The scenery as you drive round to Dartmouth is just stunning! Anyway, firstly we popped in to the Dart Marine Hotel in Dartmouth and had a waterside drink..................... now thats a nice place to go to if you've got a spare couple of bob! A ferry ride across the river and lunch in Brixham. Twice now that I've been there - and it's no good, I'm just not that keen....... sorry Brixham. What else - oh yes, the Salcombe Gospel choir I belong to - 'Honest Gospel' are busy rehearsing for the Salcombe Music Festival the weekend of 13th June, so Thursday evening's see me up at the Church singing my (Tenor) heart out.... Oh I absolutely love singing and we are sounding just great, and I've made such lovely friends!

So thats the week just about wrapped up in a few paragraphs. Still very busy tonight, and apparently some schools still on holiday next week - so who know's what that will bring us! Not that I'm tooooooo bothered as I fly away early Wednesday morning to Gibraltar and Spain, and I am VERY much looking forward to my hard earnt break - only wish SOH was coming too, alas he has to look after business - ah well, I'm sure I'll have a nice time. Very much doubt that I'll do another entry before Wednesday - but if I get the chance I'll try to log in to an internet cafe somewhere on my hols.

Take care my dear readers................ x

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