Saturday, 9 May 2009


Ok - when we came to Salcombe - I was enchanted by the seagulls....... living right by the sea, it was natural to see these gorgeous creatures flying through the air, admiring their gracefulness and wingspan. Oh how the staff teased me - especially James our Head Chef - you wait till the warmer weather and they start nesting he said...... wait until they're on your roof all hours of the day and night he said.... you won't like them so much then he said...... OMG!!!!! He was so right!!!!

This morning (and I hasten to add not for the first time this week) at 3.a.m I was awakened to the sound of what I thought was several babies crying loudly - suddenly being transported to the maternity ward of some 34 years ago it took me several seconds to realise where I was and that in actual fact it was seagulls! At 3.a.m......!!!!! Turning over and burying my head under the covers, (not too dissimilar to the maternity wards in '74 - sorry PJ, I needed my sleep back then as well and left you to the nurses ..!) and cursing them not very quietly I drifted back off to sleep...... not too long after that I was awoken again by similar sounds! Only this time SOH (Tim, my other half for those who find it difficult to keep up!) was nobly standing at the window shooing them away. Some time later - just as I'm in the middle of kissing Tom Jones very tenderly (!), a herd of galloping wilderbeast came pounding across the roof............ no correction, it was of course just several of the flying rats (as I've now not affectionately named them) using our roof as terminal 1 at Heathrow. Aaarrrrrrrgh........... something has to be done - many more nights of only a few hours broken sleep and I'll be setting up an electric wire on the roof..!!

So in a grand effort to ensure a better nights sleep, below are some photo's of my darling SOH scrabbling around on the roof this morning putting up spikes and yet another plastic owl in the hope of at least making the flying rats think twice before using our roof as a landing strip! Not sure what to do next if this doesn't work - a gallon of Gin maybe - for me of course not the flying rats - or maybe a stun gun definitely for them..............!!!


Boots the Chemists said...

If you feed the gulls Alker Seltser tablets, as they are unable belch, they blow up. Need to put the tablets in some bread or similar dry food morsels. This should solve your problems at minimal cost.

Liz said...

Ha - ha........... I love this comment - and if the screeching continues now we're home, I may well be tempted to try it !!!