Wednesday, 20 May 2009

We're nearly there

Well we're nearly there........ preparing for summer that is! This is just a quick post tonight - but wanted to say a big thank you to some people for making the frontage of the Victoria Inn soooooooooo fabulous.

Firstly - St Austell - thank you for putting our pub in to the re-decs budget and agreeing for all the signage to be re-done.
Secondly - Thanks to 'New Build' for having done the decorating - the Poppy Red doors are getting favourable comments - even now!!
Lastly - A huge thank you to Potters Nursery at Totnes....... they put our new hanging baskets and troughs up today - and they look as though they'll be fabulous.

So all in all - hey, it's nearly the season. SOH has been hard at work for the last couple of days putting up two brand new sheds - one for the ice cream freezer in the garden from which will be sold the MOST delicious ice-cream: Moorland Meadow, and the 2nd will take some of the big catering items that we've currently no room for in the rest of the buildings. Took a HUGE delivery of beers and wines etc in yesterday in readiness for this weekend - blimey, crates and crates of wines and some amazing smelling Absolut Vodka - Raspberry, Honey, Vanilla................ note I say smell, not taste!! Thats because I'm on the most massive health kick and am completely of the drink and all of James's (chef) lovely cooking (and the fabulous Ice Cream) at least until a few more stone have gone.......have even bought new trainers for walking!!!

Until next week then my lovely friends, have a great weekend yourselves whatever you're doing - if you're coming to the Victoria Inn then do say hello, in the meantime here's the photo's to show how very smart we're looking.........

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Lisa Beaney LSWPP said...

It looks good ! Hope to get down and see you before the school holidays :) xx