Thursday, 4 April 2013

Belated Happy Easter


Good afternoon my lovely people, and belated Happy Easter greetings to you all! Yet as I sit at my dining table typing this, I can barely believe that it's snowing out there...........

What awful, horrible weather we're having - and I don't know about you but I am craving warmth and sunshine!!  The first person to moan about the summer this year WILL get a slap! Having said all of that, the Victoria Inn has enjoyed an exceptionally good trade - with all tables, upstairs and downstairs regularly being fought over - but with staff turning them over with exceptional speed and professionalism.  

Prosecco has been a huge seller this weekend, as has our new light lunch menu including new Pulled Pork Rolls, sharing platters and Dipping Camembert!

Great entertainment with the Old Gaffers, a young Barbershop quartet - BarberBay, and Mark Fraser who offered 2 interactive book readings Easter Sunday & Monday for everyone
1 to 100.................. It was apparently hard to say who enjoyed the readings more; the children or parents!! Here's a really short YouTube clip which doesn't quite do the session justice - but is a good indication of the type of mayhem that happens!

Still busy even now, and I'm so glad that we offer food all day!! Proving to be soooooooooo popular.  I'm saying this all with the great authority of my SOH as I happen to still be off sick and will remain so for at least another week or two. So on that note I have decided to write another blog about my Asthma, keeping my professional and personal life a bit more separate. The link to my other blog is here and its up to you if you want to follow it or not. I hope you will, as I hope it will educate, help others and follow / aid my journey through what I hope will be an eventual recovery.

SOH has just returned home with the cheery news that we only have a couple of free tables tonight - so despite the rubbish weather, the Victoria Inn remains a great pull!

I think that will do for this posting - next week we have 2 interesting meetings happening, which I'll hope to be able to tell you about next time.  Till then, keep warm, keep dry, stay germ free! You never know - we may have a little warmer weather next time I write!!

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Jane said...

Glad Easter was busy. Hope you are feeling better soon.