Thursday, 14 March 2013

Where is our Spring

Wyleigh dog deciding what to have
Well, I don't know about you but I'm starting to think Spring is never going to arrive....... I can't recall a time I've been as cold as I have been again this week! 
Monday, I was so cold I 'worked from home' (read into that what you will!) and don't think I got warm till nearly tea time - having to take the dogs out for a walk didn't help matters, as its never a five minute event!  But today the weather showed signs of being fairly good and it was!! I even managed to get my absolutely filthy car to be given a clean whilst I did some  shopping late this afternoon. But tonight, its gone back to being so cold and icy winds again - aren't you fed up with it? I most certainly am.
Salcombe Fore Street has been a right pickle this week as the road has been closed past the pub and traffic having to be guided by traffic lights - when they work!! They're have been times when its been complete gridlock as no one will move.......... Even worse when the lights decide not to work.
The road is closed for another couple of days as the Harbour Hotel (currently being re-furbished) is having works done that needed the road to be closed, but the hotel are announcing they are opening in August.  It will be great for us, as we get quite a lot of custom from their customers.  
But it has to be said, that although the weather has been ridiculously cold business has been remarkably buoyant........ I think its the fire that draws people in - we always make sure its a good, big, roaring fire and we always have the candles lit - it all adds a certain charm to our already great pub.
Even in the afternoon we've been serving Fillet Steaks! Talking of food we've been putting the finishing touches to a new light lunch menu in readiness for Easter - we went to a trade show last week and we always get some ideas from those things. Putting some completely new stuff on - but not unveiling till the last minute..................
Last night we had our working kitchen re-modelled in readiness for the busier season. Now we have a much bigger Kitchen team, and we're serving food from 12 to 9 we need to to ensure a smoother flow for the cooking and clearing. My darling SOH thought he and the other workmen would be away by about 2 this morning but didn't get home till 5! I was not impressed and we had to miss a great Brewery course because of it, but the kitchen looks good!  Still a couple of things to tackle - there's NEVER enough space, but now its all about being creative with what space we do have.  
A function here at the pub on Saturday and took a booking for a wedding in April! Lovely stuff................

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