Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The sun's out!!! Well, almost

And here's a great sign that spring is here - well almost!! The South Sands Ferry resplendent with flags. Still lots of customers about as well........... thanks goodness!

At last we have been able to start using our garden, and all the jobs we needed to do are at last starting to get done. The Chicken fencing is being tightened, tidied up and in some cases re-newed. The wiring has been a bit mucked up (to put it mildly!) as of course children are on the whole fascinated by the Chickens - that's when they're not chucking things at them or trying to poke them with straws (!) so of course they try to climb up the fence to get as close to them as possible............ :) Bending it beautifully out of shape.

Then there is the painting of the fencing out in the garden, next will come some planting. I'll take a quick trip out to a local nursery tomorrow to get some plants to brighten up the front of the pub and also at the top of the pathway to the garden. The bigger plants for the front of the pub have been ordered and will be coming in at the end of May - lots of bright colours this year and the lovely trailing stuff we have that causes so many great comments AND great pictures.

All jobs that we've been unable to undertake because of the flipping weather.

The Dipping Camembert now £1 cheaper and studded with Rosemary & Garlic is absolutely flying out the door!! Amazing........... the thing I've learnt most about this business is generally if we have what we think is a good idea, then generally we get it right. But sometimes, it may need a little tweaking - like the Camembert! Is it the reduced cost or the Garlic?? Who knows - all I do know is that now its selling!

Sunday lunch continues to be great, but here is a date for your diary......Sunday 5th May @ 12.30 in our upstairs restaurant we have The Cocktail Hour playing.

They're a fantastic jazz/easy listening mellow trio and we LOVE their music. It's the 1st Bank Holiday in May -  be sure to book a table so that you're not dissapointed. There's no cover charge - we just want to share this music with you - and who knows, if you like it enough it could become something we do more often??

Great food, a glass or two of wine, fantastic music - what is there not to like........ring 01548 842604 to make YOUR booking.


00kevin said...

Must do better! normally love your blog but this entry is a bit of an advert really.How about more on Salcombe's characters?

Publican Sam said...

It's always great when Spring finally arrives ... feel comfortable being out and about and not returning cold and/or sodden ... must pay you a visit over the summer when I come to Exeter for annual friends and family reunion ... if only we could hibernate too!

Liz said...

Hi Public Sam
We will look forward to saying hello............
Thank you for reading my blog
Liz x

Liz said...

Hi OOKevin
Sorry you didn't like the blog post - but I don't think my blog has EVER been about Salcombe's characters has it?? To be honest, the weathers been so awful it's been pretty hard to put a blog post together at all - but advertising the Vic and letting people know whats going on at the pub is what its all about really......Check out Salcombe Politics & Rhetoric face book page if you want to see what some local folk are doing??