Saturday, 13 April 2013


Well the weather may be rotten, but here at the Victoria Inn we've been rocking it out!! Two gorgeous children (Madeleine and William) above enjoying our Hot Chocolates - and given the weather we've had here, we've been making an awful lot of these!!! I feel so sorry for all our holiday makers with so little to do at what traditionally should be the start of the seaside festivities!!

We turned our upstairs restaurant into an extension of the garden with some nice cheery music, blinds up (to get at least a view of the Estuary) and lots of great food!!

We had a couple of very good meetings this week - took a booking for a delightful Salcombe couple who will be celebrating their Golden Wedding with us. That's always a lovely thing to organise - any sort of celebration - always so lovely to make something like that so special for people.  We always put our heart and soul into occasions like these as they only come round once in a lifetime (for the customer anyway!) 

The other meeting was with St Austell Brewery representatives and some very exciting changes which we hope will happen early next year, but until they're cast in a bit more certainty I can't really talk about them as such yet - but suffice to say, it's incredibly encouraging to see the confidence and faith the Brwery have in us as a business and as individuals.

The Fishermen are unable to get out much in this weather so our fresh fish dishes are a bit depleted to what we normally expect at this time of the year and we can't even have Mussells at the moment as they are apparently spawning................ but we still have some great Hake, Mackerel, and Cajun Salmon today. The sharing platters and the pulled Pork have proved sooooooo popular!! But the Dipping Camaembert is trailing behind........ why I don't know?? So we've re-branded it studded with fresh Rosemary and Garlic, and dropped the price by a £1. Lets see if it moves any quicker.

We have our new Summer Polo shirts ready for a few weeks time - this time round we've done a great deal with the lovely people of Henry Lloyd next door to us - so this summer you weill see our staff in gorgeous pale grey, very posh Henry Lloyd Polo shirts........... pictures to follow.

We are almost staffed us for summer as well - so if there are any of you out there still looking for summer work - make sure you're quick to contact us!!

So on this very vile day - I'll wish you a happy weekend from all of us here at the Vic,
Fish sharing Platter

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