Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Chish and Fips Awards

Chish & Fips - that's how I always think of Fish & Chips, its a childhood thing! But yes, we were up in London last week for the Fish & Chip Awards where we were nominated for the best Independent Operator and placed in the top to three. Sadly, we didn't get the top prize but we were delighted to be nominated.

Looking at the photo I realise that despite 8 evening dresses I always wear my favourite - memo to self - wear something different for the St Austell Tribute Awards this week.....................

The compere was Rory Bremner at these awards and I loved him - a very, very funny man! Excellent food as well at the bash - some of the best I've ever had at a ceremony like this.
It wasn't quite the romantic couple of days we had planned however as SOH had raging toothache and had to hightail it down to his dentist in Winchester - while I was left to mooch round London. No real hardship........ A spiritual visit to Westminster Cathedral, followed by worshipping at the God that is Knightsbridge! Harvey Nic's and afternoon tea at Harrods. Very nice it all was as well! I didn't spend quite as much money as I would have liked - but managed to enjoy myself all the same!

The statue of the 2 bears was in Kensington Gardens (Opposite our Hotel) and most apt of SOH and I - don't you think?? We had a nice little walk round the park but it was FREEZING!!  In between the toothache and the awards we also went to China Town and had a great dinner at the Four Seasons restaurant - please try to go - it was delish!!

As I've already said - this week is the St Austell Tribute awards in Newquay - so another night of fun and frolics.........

Tough old life isn't it..............???

Laters darlings x


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