Monday, 18 February 2013

Half term is here!

Half term is here and how lovely to see so many old friends returning, also pleased to say that we're really, really busy and have been for most of February! So please, if you want to eat with us phone us on 01548 842604 - just to be sure of a table - I hate to turn people away especially our regulars.

The loyalty card has been very well received and we continue to sign customers up to them. Serving food all day long from 12 - 9 p.m is proving very popular, especially with families. But if you think about it, when you're on your hols you don't want to be tied to eating when pubs and restaurants want you to eat do you?

Because we are so busy, and with an eye to an even busier summer again we are recruiting for front of house and also the kitchen, and for a country that has such high unemployment its not all as easy as you might think........ Three interviewees lined up to meetwith Chef on Saturday and only 1 turned up. Its so annoying when you go to the effort of engaging with a potential employee, telling them all about the business and what we are looking for etc etc and then not only don't they turn up they also can't be bothered to let you know beforehand!  Aaarrgghhhhhh........

But, we do have a couple of potential new people for the kitchen, an apprentice (maybe 2) and maybe as many as 3 for the front of house. We know for sure that 2 of last years summer staff are coming back (yay!!) and I have recruited 2 holiday homes owners youngsters to do a bit of 'running' in the garden. Their parents were delighted - the daughters slightly less so!!

The weather has turned beautiful and sunny here in Salcombe for half term, but flip me sideways its cold!!! The wind again today has been absolutely raw, so once again, customers very grateful for our fire still blazing away!

The picture above is of a fund raising event for (and by) the RNLI - Rob (at the front of the boat) was taken out to a covered Dinghy just off the Lifeboat where he spent 24hrs on his own. Last count I was told they had raised over £3k - great isn't it, and such a worthwhile charity.

SOH and I had our last proper 'jaunt' week before last flying up to Scotland and then bringing our new car back down. Nightmare journey flying up - how I detest flying these days - with a couple of stops on the way back: The fabulous Bulls Head at Repton - an award winning pub, and then my Christmas present from SOH - Dinner at the Hand and Flowers in Marlow.
This is a 2 Michelin Star pub and the only pub to hold 2 stars, and I can only say that it was sublime!!  Needless to say, I am finding it difficult to get back on track on my diet..............


John Salmon said...

Thanks Liz. Johnx

Frank Smith (Smee) said...

Giz us a job

C Arbon said...

The Bulls Head at Repton is a 'local' to us and Salcombe is a regular holiday destination. We think there'd be a market for a Bulls Head wood fired pizza oven in Salcombe - any thoughts?

Liz said...

Dear C Arbon
Many thoughts............. But still in our head! Whether they weill see light of day - Well, you will just have to watch this space. But next time you're in the Vic, please ask for me and we can chat,
Thanks for reading my blog,