Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy New Year

Although for me its been a pretty difficult Christmas & New Year as my Asthma took one heck of a nose dive and I had two fabulous (!) days in hospital! I had hoped my general approach to health/fitness and diet would lead to a reprieve this winter but no such luck..... I do get pretty fed up with it all actually, but the life of a landlady is pretty much like being on the stage! On goes the slap, adjust the smile slightly, for Gods sake don't wheeze on the customers and whatever you do - don't pour drinks when you're up to your neck on steroids and inhalers........ Why?? Well the ensuing shakes and spilt drinks assure customers you're actually a functioning alcoholic!!!  But to be honest, when I'm that ill - there wasn't much work done till yesterday.

Apart from doom, gloom, a broken down car (just don't ask) and frankly big thoughts of disappearing to the Tropics for 4 months a year - the Festive period went exceptionally well - both on a personal level and professionally. All our friends survived most of the lurgies, an imminent Baby didn't make an appearance, the railways managed to transport my Brother in Law from Aberdeen and back again and remarkable quite well on time! SOH cooked the MOST amazing Christmas Day lunch, present opening took HOURS, we played all the rubbish traditional games and didn't put the TV on once!!!

Work wise, we had a really good trade - Christmas Eve food was divine and we were PACKED out..............In fact since then, its been pretty marvellous all the way through!!Even though I say so myself!!  Afternoon food has been very much appreciated by people with families and walkers, and we look forward to growing that side of our business this year.   We were packed out again NYE - had our delightful table top magician and of course our Old Gaffers.  NY day saw our now traditional Curry Buffet with the Mutton Kashmiri Curry being the MOST popular. Today, we were privileged to host a family gathering - Birthday and generations getting together - in our upstairs restaurant, as well as a pretty full pub! But many, many were going home today and certainly tomorrow - so it's bound to be quieter now. Just as well as we take our staff out next week to say thank you to them!!  Photos WILL be posted............ 

On the note of photo's here are some from NYE at the Victoria - don't forget we were virtually fully booked for NYE12 from MID NOVEMBER.......... so if you fancy joining us THIS year, don't leave it to late to book!  

On a personal note, SOH and I are eating at the Treby Arms, near Plymouth this week - what makes that so special?? Well the Chef Patron is Anton Petrowski who was the Masterchef Winner 2012 - Can't wait!! My Christmas gift from SOH is dinner at Tom Kerridges pub in Marlow in February......... all this gorgeous food to look forward to!


Anonymous said...

Had a pleasant sojourn in the Victoria this New year. Lovely fire, excellent barman and tasty lunch.

Liz said...

Thank you - I'm so pleased you enjoyed your visit to us,
Liz x