Friday, 11 January 2013

Walk the Lines

I meant to talk about a fantastic event that we had at the Victoria Inn on the first Sunday after Christmas............but to be honest, my brain has been all over the place (yes, I know - no change there!!) Our very good friend Mark Fraser is an amazingly talented Author/Illustrator and he has written, illustrated and published a series of fantastic children's books.  He travels around the country offering a series of inter-active book readings to fayres, schools etc. We thought it would be an excellent opportunity to trial the Victoria Inn for this sort of event with an eye to offering something similar to this at the Vic during the summer. I can see it now - sun shining, children laughing, the chickens and budgies (and flipping seagulls!) having a squawk and lots of fun and laughter with these reading sessions..........

Anyway, back to the inaugural event -  It was an amazing success, the young (and NOT so young) thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and he sold some very special signed first edition copies. He has just finished commissioning his website and you will be able learn more about Mark and his brilliant books at this address:

We really hope that you enjoy his books as much as we do, and my grateful thanks to Sam & the Burdett family for the photos. X  

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