Friday, 16 March 2012

I am re-generated!!

So following all the excitement of the move to our house and then the arrival of gorgeous Grandchild - it's very much down to business again - and boy, I am sooooooooo ready for it!! 

I think having distractions for a couple of weeks and having a bit if time to myself has allowed me some thinking space.  We also employed a management consultant (who also happens to be a great friend) to come and view our business with a fresh pair of eyes. Her names Ali Carter and she used to be a Licensee, but not just any old licensee but one who had vision and won armfuls of awards. She now has her own consultancy business and she agreed to visit and give us her thoughts and advice on taking our business forward and keeping ahead of the game - so to speak.  Whilst she may not have told us anything that we weren't thinking she certainly gave us some food for thought about different ways of approaching our business and implimenting some of our ideas!

So firstly, we have timetabled a couple of visits to a few pubs which are like us but have designed new ways of working to maximise their turnover and have also won awards. You can learn so much from other high performing business's, reading the business magazines, doing my internet research etc etc.  

Already I'm finding that having a HOME and BUSINESS, I'm approaching things differently....... I'm getting made up and dressed for WORK, and then when I'm home I'm relaxing and chilling - yet feeling even more focussed than before! Excellent!!!

Yesterday we had our visit from the BII Licensee of the Year judges, and crikey, that was an interesting experience - but as a team I think SOH and I approached the challenge well and performed as we should have done. Our fantastic staff cleaned each and everything that could be cleaned!! So now we have to wait till early April to see if we get through to the final half dozen or so - till then, I'm going to try to put it out of my mind until we hear!

At the Victoria you can see that business is starting to pick up, and at the moment we have a great Hungarian wine offer paired with a gabulous Goulash (and a veg goulash alternative) and for Mothers Day we're giving the 'Mum' of the party a free glass of wine if a Sunday Roast or a Main Menu item is purchased in the lunch hour, so don't miss out ring us on 01548 842604 and book your table for Mothers Day!!

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