Thursday, 5 April 2012

Happy Easter Folks

Happy Easter all - well almost of course! But for us here in Salcombe the Easter hols have kicked off! So I thought before the Harbour gets too full with boats, I'd show you a picture I took one day recently with a very inquisitive seagull who didn't mind me being too close to him at all - he didn't move a muscle!! After the beautiful weather the last fortnight we've gone back to really bitingly cold Easterly winds......... I painted the fence at home this week with a t shirt and 2 sweaters on and I was still frozen!!!  It does mean of course that the Victoria Inn has been busy with guests wanting to sit by the warmth of our fire ....Every cloud has a silver lining!! :)

Our spring menu went live this week - here is a link to the website page if you'd like to have a sneak preview:
Its proving really popular and the starters especially so - I can honestly say that the tapenade made by our Chef James is the best I've ever tasted! Its all about the quality of the olives used apparently.  We are moving very much towards having more fish on our menu, so we've applied to the Ministry of something for a buyers licence - this will mean we can buy direct from local fishermen and I hope to be able to tell you more about that very soon. Fish is not a cheap option but we think it's the way to go - we are right by the sea, and although we have to have it delivered from Brixham and Plymouth, we know that our customers like to have fish when they come to Salcombe. We're also going to be looking at fish that you may not have had before, but fish that we know you will absolutely love! So watch this space.......................

What else???? Well, the garden is starting to do well as the warm sun helped make the re-seeding take, so we hope to be able to open the grassed area up for the first May Bank Holiday. The fences at the Victoria Inn have also been painted (NOT by me!!) as well as the flower boxes. We think we're going to hold off the planting till closer to the summer, as our spring plants last year were gorgeous and could have been kept through to the summer but we pulled up and re-planted and they didn't do very well at all.........

I've also run a face book question this week on whether we should get a TV for the Olympics and the Jubilee and so far most people want us to stay a TV free zone....????!/pages/The-Victoria-Inn-Salcombe/136141733123940 

What do you think????????? Why don't you vote and let me know.

Lastly, for those of you who love to come and see them - the Old Gaffers are at the Victoria Inn, Saturday 7th April - see you there??

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