Saturday, 10 March 2012

Home Sweet Home

A very, very quick blog today..... so much happening I just do not have time to sit in front of this PC and witter on like I normally do........... Just to say that we're in our home at long last! The removals on Monday went very well, the weather was exceedingly kind and best of all nothing got broken. A few fraught moments with all the unpacking and not being able to find things - but hey, I'm sure we'll look back and smile very soon..... won't we!? Tim is already starting to discover my cooking leavers a lot to be desired - Garlic Bread I attempted was far to Garlicky (4 cloves actually) and I have warned him that mealtimes will be a bit of a mystery....... as in what is it and is it eatable???  Do you remember the series 'Butterflies'?? Well substitute Wendy whatsername for me!

The dogs have been so funny about the move - Archie has taken to sitting on the stairs keeping guard and looking through the banister out onto the road and then grumbling at everyone who walks past.  Rosie is just following me around everywhere with her sad Princess Diana eyes - especially as neither are allowed up on the new furniture! But it is all rather odd at the moment as we 'go to work', but the coming few weeks will see us settle down like new parents into routines. 

We have a couple of judges coming this week to interview us about the Licensee of the Year award, so there is a full schedule of cleaning, sorting and tidying at the Victoria Inn and we are half looking forward to it and half terrified - depends on the day which bit gets the upper hand............

So, on that note - I have to go! X

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