Thursday, 15 March 2012

Welcome to our world James

A very proud Daddy
 I have been careful in this blog that while I'm happy to talk about our business, ourselves (me especially!) and our lives, I've never really talked in much detail about my son Paul and his wife.  Firstly, there's never been any need, secondly he's quite a private young man, and isn't keen on the world knowing his business - and I have always respected that, and lastly it's just never been that relevant. But this is relevant to me and the authenticity of my blog writing and so this is the one and only time I'm going to talk about them and the most amazing thing that happened to our family this weekend........

We became Grandparents to the most beautiful baby boy: James John. The pregnancy has been a subject that Paul asked me not to talk about in this blog, but James's safe arrival prompted a change of heart by him - hence his blessing to this blog post. James had a bit of a struggle into this world, and I'm sure it's not an experience my darling daughter in law will be wanting to repeat for a long while! I have many times reported on the medical care I've received both good and bad, but the care with which they were all looked after was phenomenally good............

Nothing on earth could have prepared me for the experience of waiting for him to be born - the waiting was awful and this is where the miles apart really played it's part! But when Paul finally called me to say that they had their much wanted Boy - I am not ashamed to say that I wept buckets.

Granny Liz, Daddy and James
Less than 24 hours and I was winging my way down to see them all, and I can only say that the surge of love I felt for James when I saw him was utterly comparable to the feelings I had when my children were placed into my arms............ I cried a few more tears as I was allowed to pick him up and whisper in his ear and kiss his gorgeous face. Perfect in every way doesn't really describe him - and I have to say that I instantly felt a very special bond to this tiny baby (well actually - a fairly bonny baby!!).

His safe arrival has unleashed an awful lot of feelings - whats really important, a true realisation of the circle of life, the fragility of that life and an understanding of my place in my Grandson's life and his growing up. To see this little family and their happiness in the first early hours was the most incredible privilege.  I am going to be Granny Liz - the very slightly dotty, loud and over the top Granny! The one who tells him stories about family he'll never know, the one who has a pub, two dogs he'll be able to play with and who lives by the sea! I hope he grows up to love me as much as I already love him!

I shall whizz up and down to see them and play the best part that I can, as often as I can given mt business and the miles between us! So the next time I write I've been to visit my family, you'll know what I'll have been doing!!!

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