Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Phew - what an Easter

Our function room ready for the event!

Well, I hardly know where to start - what an Easter it's been....................  Firstly lets start with the catering we did for the re-launch of Blue Water Salcombe. This gave our Chef James the chance to show his expertise in Canapes - and blimey what a great job he did!!
We've since had very positive feedback and it was clearly worth him starting at 5a.m two mornings running. Our very best wishes to Rob & David the new major shareholders of the business!  Have a look at their website. it's well worth a view!! 

We next had the wedding of Rachel and John, 40 guests and about 10 children ..... I was very pleased with how the room looked and how splendid the food was (more work for James and his team)! No complaints, very happy guests and best of all a children's entertainer who kept the children happy!  It has made me determined to use the upstairs function room more - so I think a planned advertising schedule is called for in the Autumn.

Our Bride Rachels place settings
 Alongside that - we've also had Easter and the MOST glorious weather you could have asked for........ the bluest skies, the warmest of April suns.  Lots and lots of customers and children in our gardens and dogs of every shape and size! We did almost 300 meals every single day and come Easter Monday we were all very very tired.............. and still its continuing (thanks Kate & Wills!) with THE wedding on Friday morning - a 10.00a.m start with two parties already booked in for bubbles and croissants , then another Bank Holiday weekend. Phew!!!!

But, back to Easter - I also did my Church Warden stuff on the Sunday, and I have to say that it helped me feel quite grounded about all the frantic activity in our pub and allowed me the time to give thanks to God. Because, despite all the tiredness, the petty town politics, the often little amount of quality 'us' time that SOH and I actually spend together, the poor amount of time I see my son - I do have an awful lot to be grateful to God for. I have fair health right now, I have a very loving Husband (I'll show you THE ring next time) a fabulous family, a business that is thriving, great hard working committed staff and lovely customers.

Then I got on the scales this week and realised (with the help of JC and his data bank!) that I have lost just 1 pound short of three stone in a year. so that helped me walk with a spring in my step!! So I hope you all enjoy the rest of the sunshine and here are a few more pics from the wedding and our garden in the Easter break................

One of 40 Strawberry Meringues

The function room

One very happy child!!

MANY happy children.........

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What are the petty town polotics?Just curious to know.