Saturday, 9 April 2011

Oh my feet..................

Well I have to say it's a blessed relief to sit and write this log - my feet are flipping well killing me!! We are (I'm very pleased to say!) exceedingly busy. Saturday lunchtime and not even Easter yet and we've done 80 lunch covers today............. would help my poor kitchen staff if the kitchen extractor fan hadn't gone bang yesterday and is going to cost us Lord only knows how much to fix!! So they are gently glowing and do you know what? Not a moan from any of them.......Bless 'em. 

The garden is finally finished and I'm almost ready to open it up in it's entirety - that's probably going to be next weekend - in the meantime the terraces and children's area is open and absolutely rocking!! Whats so incredible is that it's not even properly the 'season' yet.......... so long may the good weather continue!

The person in this picture is Victoria - and she stands guard proudly at the entrance to the path that leads to our garden - she has a label round her neck inviting you to walk up the path and come and look at the Chickens and our Budgies and for all the children to enjoy the climbing frame and slide...........

The orders have been placed for all our staff to have new shirts for the summer - we've gone for good quality polo shirts this time in bright colours, although the boys have stuck to Black and Purple, the girls are having Raspberries and Limes - should look gorgeous!  

We also now have our new seating in place - the boats and their seat as tables and chairs, as well as the boat at the foot of the garden for some very interesting evenings we plan to have in the summer...... how does the sound of fish cooked over coals (just like they do in Spain) appeal to you???  We also have a few more surprises up our sleeve but not saying what just yet - otherwise, they're not a surprise!!  By the way - if you like the look of 'Victoria' you can buy one just like her from Blue Water Salcombe, in Island Street - a re-branded new venture in Salcombe being led by some friends of ours. You really need to have a look when you're next down here...... not only have they got some great new clothing lines and all the things you need to go on the water (far too technical for me to talk about on here - but all the stuff for boats!!) and lots of toys, they are also having a great NEW Internet cafe. I've been in and had a nosy at it's going to look fab-u-lous!!!

What else - well SOH has taken a rare day off today to go sailing today  - although I virtually had to put his arm up behind his back to make him go - it's all too easy to get caught up in the day to day work of pub life and remember we came down here to enjoy ourselves as well! I am having a day off on Monday to go clothes shopping for my Greek holiday in 6 weeks....... I am starting to get very excited already and the weight is still coming off!!! I did my first night time drive this week - and I didn't like it at all. but I've done it and if I have to do it again it won't be quite so frightening.

Later on this week I'm off to Manchester for just 2 nights to see my Brother who's a little bit poorly. Not driving though - letting the train take the strain! Right then, I'm off to help tidy up the remnants of late lunches in the garden and get ready for the evening onslaught! Keep well everyone and enjoy the early much needed sun!

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John said...

Garden looking great - will definitely be popping in once we are down over Easter