Monday, 28 March 2011

Spain - where???

Before the waves and wind came!

Well then - we went to Spain for a few days last weekend and I'm starting to think I dreamt the whole thing - but looking at the photo's it's clear I didn't!!  We went away to celebrate our first whole year of marriage and we had an absolutely brilliant time. Weather was a bit pants, 1 really sunny day but after that huge winds and massive waves the like of which I've never seen before............... In fact all I could think about was the recent Tsunami in Japan. It actually made me quite depressed because the waves in Spain were really huge powerful things which were uprooting beach umbrella stands and throwing them out to sea and all I could think about was how the people that were affected by that dreadful tsunami must have felt and the dreadful devastation it caused. So many thousands of innocent lives taken away in a heartbeat - I actually sat on the sea wall and cried with the wind drying my tears!  Anyway - apart from that, SOH and I had a lovely break - asleep till about 10.30 every morning except one (unheard of in our business!) delicious lazy breakfasts on the balcony, strolls along the promenade, and then quite delectable meals out in the evening! Oh and fabulous wines!!  The Gin was quite nice as well............... :) Had two wonderful Tapas meals  - I adore Tapas, just love the whole concept of picking at lots of little different tastes and textures. Discovered I LOVED the Spanish Black Pudding! Ole!!

Anyway - so back to normality now and back to the rush and hurry of getting every thing just right for the Easter break............. and I just cannot believe how busy we are right now! (neither can the staff!) Yesterday (Sunday) we did almost 150 meals - 150!!! We're not even in the 'season' yet either!! I'm going to be bulk buying pro-plus and caffeine drinks for us all........ only joking! But I do think we're going to have to revise our staffing levels quite soon. So I already have a couple of new people with us, and a couple more interested in coming to work with us - so I think we'll be ok. Our sea corner of the garden is almost done and just the other boat to come in for us to be able to offer cooked fish in the garden just like that offered in Spain - barbecued Sardines! Yum......... as well as another surprise for the garden in the offing!

We had the Old Gaffers back to sing on Friday - what a fantastic night especially as some of the Harbour and Rugby boys came in and then a complete change of pace with Symon- Paul a Harpist in the pub on Sunday! Both delightful in their own unique way. Both of them are going to be here on a monthly (or more) basis, so we are offering just that little bit extra and pleasing many (I HOPE!).

Um - and oh yes - a holiday in Greece for me (alone) in 6 weeks time!! Now, where did I put my Apple and Ryvita's.........????

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