Wednesday, 2 March 2011


 Well all I seem to have done this last few days is work on the computer..........either uploading, downloading or  transferring data! Replying to emails, writing e mails, writing a cancellation policy and compiling lists!!! Frankly, all a bit tedious and not overly exciting. One of the most frustrating things was uploading this video (link - ) of the 'Old Gaffers' who came to the Victoria to sing last week.  It took close on 5 hours to upload to You Tube!! I thought these things were supposed to be easy................. I've also been playing around with our Victoria Inn website and after a couple of false starts I think I've got the hang of it now!

Anyway what a fantastic evening we all had last week and what great blokes the Old Gaffers are!!  They are all local men and they bill themselves as: Men of the Sea singing Songs of the Sea, and my goodness they did just that. After the event a few of them stayed on and after just a couple of pints started singing again and at gone 10.30 we were all still singing and customers were still walking through the doors! In all of our three years here that evening ranked as one of the best ever and we can't wait to repeat it again and again - here's to the Old Gaffers becoming regular fixtures at the Vic!  

What else? Well half term was an amazing week for trade. We were very, very busy almost every day of the half term break and it was fabulous as usual to see so many old faces coming in to say hello and spend time with us. Consequently, we were both a bit shattered after such a busy week, half term is normally agentle introduction to the season to come, but not so last week!
The weekend was particularly busy with about 80 covers downstairs and a private Birthday party upstairs in our function room for 'Bruce' and 16 of his friends and family. The function room lends itself really well to this type of intimate gathering - good light, great views out over the harbour - and of course great food and service! What more could you want??

Our new 'special' specials board was also a great success last week  with new Lamb and fish dishes flying off the board. You may recall I've talked about ensuring that our main menu reflects a good 'pub grub' approach with dishes for most pockets and tastes. But to run beside that we wanted our 'specials' board to be really special and reflect not only our Chef's James greater cooking talents, but also dishes that are that bit more complex in content and taste and reflect that we can offer a more refined menu as well. You can see the new menu's in full on the Vic's website -  On another foodie note, James and I have been mulling over the idea of working with more sustainable fish other than Cod or Plaice etc, so on tonights menu we are trialling Gurnard with sauteed Leeks and Chorizo on crushed Garlic Potatoes - guess what I'm having for Dinner tonight?! 

More work has started today on the garden, this time the very top end of our garden - we are going to transform a dull patch of garden that hardly anyone ever sits in - to a place of nautical interest.......! Boats, ropes and watery artifacts......... You'll just have to wait for the pictures! Better still come and see progress for yourself!

I'm off again this weekend to Portsmouth to see my son and his wife, and as it's the second time I've driven there on my own I'm not feeling so anxious about it and in fact I'm looking forward to it this time - and beter still - the weather forecast is good!!!!   

Just before I finish for todays entry I thought you'd like to see a picture of some of our hardworking staff from last Sunday........... captions on a suitable postcard please!?!

Jessie, Karen and Alex - Great youngsters!

Tanya our second Chef and  the boys: Mattie and little James


Anonymous said...

Hi Liz!
Great to have found your site! I haven't found many pubs with active blogs like yours - and yours looks so professional! I sympathise entirely re. computing headaches - I've set up a website dedicated to promoting pub food meal deals (see below) - and yesterday spent hours trying to get a Facebook "Like" button onto it (Finally did it!).

I'm not far from you - and as yet my website concentrates on the South East - so take a look? I really would value your comments re. the feasibility of this endeavour - web design has become a hobby of mine and this is my first web "business" idea! Publicity is especially difficult :-(

Take care,


Lo said...

Dear Liz

This is the only way I know of to answer your question left on my blog.....You asked what the expression "burns my fanny" means.....hmmm, that is a tough one.
First "fanny" is one's hind end part also known as one's ass, bum,backside,sitter etc.
And burning it sort of gives a person a hot pain in the ass.

Does that help? I hope so.

By the way, I love your blog and the chance to hear about your life as a PubLady in Devon. I have a dear friend in Devon who lives near the town of must be almost neighbors.

Liz said...

Hi Martin

Your website looks interesting, but I guess you're in that Chicken & Egg position right now - need more customers but many won't advertise as you're clearly new and very few business's on the list?

Not appropriate for my business's as I rarely 'do deals' but I wsh you luck.

Liz said...

Dear Lo

Ah - I am enlightened!! 'Fanny' is slang for something entirely different here. Totnes is only about 40 minutes away - do tell your friend that if she's ever in Salcombe to come in and say hello!


Liz x