Saturday, 12 March 2011

What a great start to the season!!

Crikey - if this is the start of the season Salcombe should be in for a good year! Yesterday we had standing room only in the bar and again last night we were really busy! Seems to be people taking 3/4 day breaks and really treating themselves. We've seen a rise in the numbers of puddings being sold (always a sign people are 'treating' themselves) and also the more expensive wines are being asked for.  

I had hoped to be able to put a photo of exciting developments in our garden on this blog post - but, technology is resolutely determined to not allow me to upload anything today......... We're having the most amazing feature created at the top of our garden from hundred year old sailing boats, sailing artifacts and sails etc! Just wait till it's all finished!!  We've also got some work coming in to provide food for the opening of a new business as well as the hosting of a Festival event in June. We're also going to be doing a 'Poppy Party' on the 10th June to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Royal British Legion.  More of all that as the year progresses.

There seems to be a general consensus that people are staying home again this year - finance, airport delays, terrible weathers and disasters in far away places - I think they're all conspiring to encourage people to stay in UK again this year??  We have lots and lots of advance bookings for the Hobbit House and we're signing up to an electronic booking system as well which will make it even easier for potential guests to see if we have vacancies and if so, to be able to book on line. 

I popped off down to Portsmouth again last weekend - my little car is giving me the most amazing freedom, and whilst I still don't like the motorway driving it is all starting to feel a little bit more natural.  But Guy my driving instructor was absolutely right when he said that getting your license was only the start.......I've seen some bonkers driving and I am only surprised there are not more accidents on the road! Also discovered I can get lost even WITH a sat nav!!  

I suppose it doesn't matter what business you're in, but particularly the hospitality business, I tend to be quite critical of the service I receive. Never more so than when I was in Pompey again last week. A huge world Hotel chain and the girl behind the bar couldn't even mix a Campari & Soda, the barman in a Harbour side pub who just sloshed the wine into a spritzer (I didn't complain - I was on the receiving end of a VERY large spritzer - but I bet his bosses stock take is a pickle!) and the slip shod service all round in the various establishments I visited. Tables not cleared and wiped down etc etc.........a poor indictment of our industry

SOH and I are bucking the trend of staying in the UK and we are going to have a short break next weekend in Spain for a couple of days to celebrate our 1st Wedding anniversary. Yes - a whole year since we said 'I Do' - where does the time go?? Scary isn't it! Then it's only 9 weeks till I go off for a whole week to Greece - Kefalonia actually, followed by SOH and his friends back to Spain for a week.    Sounds like we're permanently away but thats how it seems to go sometimes and then nothing for ages after that - we'll be too busy working (hopefully!). 

So it's a determined effort now to lose at least another stone before I go to Greece - so although I'm not having my personal trainer again (JC) right now, I AM trying to remember all that he taught me! I'm using the gymn in the hotel at the top of the road and trying very very hard to eat healthily. Back on the wagon - on the water and off the wine! In fact, munching a very healthy apple as I type. So all being equal my efforts should pay off - I'm just 1 pound off what I was before Christmas last year, so I'm ok with that. So on that note, as the sun has gone in and the rain is starting I'm off to the gymn and also a sauna and steam today - so see you all again soon my lovelies!   

P.S Huge Happy Birthday love to my big son Paul for tomorrow the 13th! Here's to a fantastic year for you son! X

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