Saturday, 7 May 2011

A very quick one!

Royal Wedding at the Victoria Inn, Salcombe
Blog post that is.... naughty!!! oh Missus..........

Although we're quieter than we were in April - we're still pretty busy!! Thankfully.............Tonight a very full restaurant and a bar still rocking away tonight as i sit here typing.  

So what a fantastic Royal Wedding we had didn't we?!?  Didn't you just love the whole thing. Ahhhhh .............

What started out as a whole lot of apathy to the event (here at least) ended up a real humdinger (well, for us - anyway!) From 10.00a.m to nearly midnight we never stopped. The photo opposite really doesn't do it justice as to how busy we were - but trust me, we were!

We'd also had the local Rugby 7's in the last week or 2 where a visiting team (who shall remain un-named) disgraced themselves in the highest order (doesn't matter - you really DON'T want to know what!) in our pub - and following a letter to various local officials a letter of apology and a cheque were swiftly received. An artifact from our pub was also nicked and thanks to another pub's staff member coming and telling me I was able to march off to their last watering hole in town - a lot like Peggy Mitchell out of Eastenders - and retrieve it from them.............. Little ba****ds!!!  

We had a fantastic Trip Advisor from the sister of the Bride who's wedding was held at the Victoria recently  in fact we've had a couple of nice reviews recently................ fingers crossed they continue! So I'm really hoping that we can start to build that side of our business up next year. 

SOH and I are away for a couple of days from tomorrow - and then my big adventure to Greece next week..... as well as the decision to drive myself to Gatwick and back!  But I am sooo looking forward to my holiday. 

So thats it peeps - a quick blog as I said!! Take care - it's heaving it down with rain at the moment - lets hope the sunshine comes back soon - waste of time having cleaned my Betsy!!!! X

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