Thursday, 12 May 2011

Shirley Valentine - Not me!

Shirley Valentine - Not me!! But some  years ago had I had the courage that our 'Shirley' had then it might well have been!! As it is - I'm off tomorrow for a whole week to Greece............ just me, myself and I! A few (well actually, quite a lot!!) of Euro's, 4 thumping good books (1 self help - of course!) and an Ipod full of tunes. I'm going for Sea, Sun and absolutely none of the other............. :) 

I watched Shirley Valentine many years ago and always wanted to be (in her words) 'Shirley the brave'....... she used to talk to the 'wall' and get great satisfaction - talking to the wall didn't do it for me I must admit, but I certainly used to lose myself in daydreams of a better sunnier life.   Now I'm living my better sunnier life but because of work SOH and I can't go away together this time - so he's paid for me to have a week of this dream.  So now - 'Liz - the brave' is driving herself in her car to Gatwick, going for a whole weeks worth of rest and sleep and great healthy (I'll try!) food.  Drink in moderation (thats the plan!) and hopefully lots and lots of sun..........a little shopping maybe, some exploring and some culture. You can be sure there'll be a blog post when I get back and lots of pics.

Till then - stay healthy and happy.................. X 

 Ένα μεγάλο κρασί παρακαλώ CostOS -ευχαριστώ'


Anonymous said...

Be good and have fun!

Ali said...

Cool I wish I could do that.. I'm in dire need of some rest and recuperation!!! Have a wonderful time, can't wait to hear about it!!!

Hemraj said...

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