Saturday, 13 July 2013

Publicity work

Hello from a stunningly gorgeous Salcombe day....... I'll bet you're wondering why I'm on the computer and not working if it's so gorgeous?? It's because right now all of our lovely guests are out and about on the beach! We are actually quite quiet apart from day trippers - but from 4.30 this afternoon it will all change and full booking sheets reflect that!!

So apart from the obvious things I do as a pub landlady, one of the things I'm principally responsible for is the marketing and advertising for the Victoria Inn. Every morning when I wake up I sit in bed with my cup of coffee and up-date Facebook, Twitter and check the Trip Advisor reviews for new ones.

I do that routine twice or three times a day (not TA - I'm not THAT paranoid!) just to make sure our social media profile is kept high.

I also put us in for awards or competitions and this week has seen me bashing out a submission for a regional award - but they limited answers to 100/200 or 300 words and for that's really challenging - as I'm a wordy type person.

To go with the awards they always ask for supporting evidence and pictures so my David Bailey hat has been on and there are a few of them here just to show you.

We are taking on two Chef apprentices this year and one of them - young Blake (16)  - has just won the under 55kg WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Taekwondo!! How fantastic is that............

I went with girlfriends this week to the 02 Arena in London to see the gorgeous Michael Buble and what a fantastic evening that was. His concert was everything I hoped for and then more on top. He is every inch as good live as he is on TV or Radio. Hospitality suite was out of this world and I'm pleased to say we all went back to the hotel in a fuzzy glow - hence I'm now on the wagon for a few months!!


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