Friday, 15 July 2011

What a day!!!

HRH talking to me before starting his visit!
Wow - what a fantastic day Monday 11th was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HRH Prince Charles and Camilla came to Salcombe. The excitement started on the Sunday evening when one of the Royal security squad asked if we would let the Royal party use our 'facilities'........ Would I???? You're joking! If I'd had my way SOH would have been gold leafing the loos over night!!!

So when will I know when HRH wants to use the loos then says I to the (very slightly gorgeous!) security man - 'oh about 30 seconds before the event' says he............. Ok then!! After about 3 hrs sleep (I was excited ok! I admit it!!) the day started with the most beautiful sunrise - yes I saw the sun rise, and the arrival of Radio Devon to use the Victoria as a base for their Royal transmissions. SOH was interviewed about his new role as a First Responder and I was interviewed about what the visit meant to me! I tried to hide my excitement but I don't think I did a very good job.............

Then walking down the street about 2hrs before came all the suited and booted security blokes..... It was like a scene from Reservoir Dogs!! Then the people who were going to be officially presented arrived in the square, with hundreds more starting to throng the streets. Dead on the dot (and I mean to the second!!) the royal party turned up on my doorstep at 10.30!! Prince Charles got our of the car (the photo at the top is taken by Janice King who runs one of Salcombes superb B & B's) and turned in my direction - imagine my heart at that precise moment!!! I said 'Good Morning Sir' he said 'Good Morning - business good for you I hope' I said' Very good thank you Sir', he said 'Jolly Good' turned and buggered off into the crowds.................... The disappointment was like finding out Father Christmas didn't exist!!! But I had just had a conversation with the future King of England so that made up for not  using our loo somewhat!!!!!

Anyway - they did their walkabout in the square (SOH was introduced and had a conversation - the contents of which he found hard to remember - Doh!!) and then they came back down and round the crowds......... and I got a 2nd bite of the cherry. A hand shake from Camilla and another short chat with Prince Charles as you can see by the photo's below - where I swear it looks like he's pointing his finger at me?? I have to say that both Prince Charles and Camilla came across as 2 very nice individuals and you couldn't help but catch a bit of the magic dust that was around that morning.  EVERYONE I spoke to who spoke to them or shook hands was made too feel very special and individual and for me personally it was a great moment and made the dark clouds that have hung over my head for the last few weeks temporarily disappear.

Right then - no more from me for a week or 2 as I'm off to Spain on Monday to get my head cleared and batteries re-charged in time for the Summer rush. 

The start of a fabulous day!

Mike from Radio Devon

What a magical moment!

Salcombe's First Responders - what a great bunch of people!

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