Sunday, 31 July 2011

Grey clouds lifting.............

Yep, metaphorically the grey clouds that have loomed large over my head for the past 6 to 8 weeks or so have started to lift. The awful gut wrenching tiredness and apathy that I was experiencing have started to move away........... Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a 90m.p.h person. I rarely sit still and when I do I am planning/working on paper or on the computer, nearly always something to do with the business etc. So in my 19 year old head I'm good to go for a 16 hour day with irregular meals and little sleep, but in my 50 something body I was on the road to being quite ill. So with a few words of advice from my Doc (and a few pills which I didn't take for very long!) 2 whole weeks away from the 'shop' (staying in our flat listening to relaxation tapes, sleeping and reading BOOKS) and 4 days staring at the sea and sun in Spain I am starting to feel a whole lot more human - trick for me now is to keep things that way........... So for all of you who have asked why no blog posting recently and who have said 'what- another holiday' that's the reason behind my 'holiday' last week. Having said all of that, I'm off to my friends canal boat next weekend for 2 nights -pure unadulterated pleasure, but more on that little jaunt when I post next time. 

So back to the Victoria and business. Well, what a strange old week we had last week............!! An incredibly great Sunday followed by 4 days that were so quiet I was re-checking my menu in case people had gone off us! But speaking to colleagues in town, nearly all (certainly in the hospitality sector) have reported a poor season so far. Then from Friday, the visitors started to arrive, but it has to be said that it is not so far the bumper 'staycation' expected or talked about. So we'll see what happens this week with the Regatta's kicking off. Having said all of that we are doing about 260 - 300 meals most days, but people are thinking very hard about where to spend their money. Our seafood BBQ kicks off this coming week - Thurs to Saturday - so I'm hopeful that this will be popular!

In an effort to keep prices affordable in our menu, this week we have put on some really reasonable specials and one of them has been putting Mussels on the menu. They have just flown right out - and it has to be said that they have been the tastiest I have ever had! Superb taste and really fat and juicy, simply cooked in white wine, with Garlic and Onions, served with a crusty baguette and only £9.95............. 

Our Head Chef James has been on holiday leaving my 2nd chef Tanya in charge and she and the kitchen team have done an absolutely amazing job. Tanya says she has never worked cooking with the sorts of numbers that we now do here - but she has done so well and SOH and I are very, very proud of her!!

Talking of staff, nearly all of our summer staff are in place and what a lovely bunch they are! Most of them I take on unseen as their family have holiday homes down here and therefore they just e mail me for a job. So always a bit risky, but once again this year, I've got great kids who pick up the work really easily, work hard and have fantastic positive attitudes!

The Hobbitt House is doing really well, fully booked for the whole of August and the delightful picture above is of Georgie - one of a charming family who stayed with us for a fortnight. As you can see, Archie welcomes and gets lots of cuddles from guests but Rosie is a little bit more discerning and not quite so easily won over.  Rosie remains her Mummy's dog and as I sit typing she is laying right by my side with one eye almost constantly on me! In fact I may take her on to the Canal Boat with me to test how she settles on it as we have been talking seriously about our future and where / how we may want to live. Quite a lot of options on the table, but a wide beam canal boat (no smutty comments please!) is top of our list right now............... SOH doesn't want to live anywhere too 'ordinary' and I don't want to sacrifice too much luxury. I tell you what though, there are some amazingly beautiful and palatial boats around AND at a very good price! So - we'll see what the next few months bring.

On that note - I'm off to follow my plan of making sure I don't see an early grave by having an afternoon rest, cup of fruit tea with honey and then a look through the Sunday papers................. Take care friends x

P.S Our newest addition to the Garden - Our Budgies - have 2 little eggs.............!!! We'll have little baby Budgies!!! Just not sure when........???

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North Sands said...

Good to hear you are back on form. I was down in Salcombe for the last couple of weeks and, as you say, it seemed a little quieter than usual. Having said that the school holidays are a bit later in certain parts of the country.

The garden looks great and, without mentioning names, your service is much better than a nearby competitor.

The Charles and Camilla visit seems to have been a success from people I spoke to.