Friday, 8 July 2011

Here comes the Summer.............

Well if the rain stops and we actually get a few days continuous sun that is! The weather is just so changeable right now isn't it......??  But it doesn't seem to be stopping tourists from coming down so thats something.

Monday is expected to be hugely busy here in Salcombe for the Royal visit of Charles & Camilla.  We're hosting BBC Radio Devon from 7.a.m to hold their interviews with excited Royal watchers - sp it'll be a very long day fro us here. Staff have to be on site early because of security issues and I think we'll open at about 10 to catch all those people wanting early cuppas etc............... lets hope it doesn't rain on Monday!!

SOH & I have been busy re-planting in the garden as all of a sudden our spring plants keeled over, so yet another few bob spent at the local nursery - we've gone for Begonias and Busy Lizzies (appropriate really!!) this time with a sprinkling of Marigolds.

Our new menu is live from this week and with specials of local Lamb and Salcombe LOBSTER amongst others .......... it's drawing a great deal of interest!! If you want to check it out here's the link to our website:

Our budgies now have a couple of nesting boxes in their cage as they are showing signs of wanting to mate (so says SOH - wouldn't know myself!!) so hopefully we'll have little baby budgies in the future. The Seagulls have been a nightmare this year - so daring and so viscious but I can't help being entranced by the baby seagulls trying to fly and making such pitifull little noises. Not quite so enchanting are the noises that the seagulls make so early in the morning and even in the middle of the night. Our Chickens are one less as one departed for that big chicken shed in the sky - so we're back to eight again now, but they're laying as good as ever.

Merlin Rocket (sailing) is this week coming, so we expect to be even busier - here's to a great week for all of us!   


oddies said...

Here in York we had 10 mins. of "hailstones" in July!!!!!!

camilla said...

I am going to pop in for lunch today. Pasty and chips for me, burger for Charles please.

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