Saturday, 13 March 2010

What a fantastic day!!

What a fantastic day - No, not the wedding - thats NEXT Saturday (for those of you that didn't know!?!) but today..... I've had a great day!!

My gospel choir - Honest Gospel - which I've just returned too after a break has had a workshop today with a hugely succesful Cornish Gospel Choir - the Callington Community Gospel Choir.
Well I have sung my heart out today and managed to get rid (temporarily) of all my nerves, cares and worries. There wasn't quite so many of them as in this picture, (it has about 60 people now apparently) but there were 6 singers, an amazing pianist and the most incredible gifted and energising conductor. The sound they created was just amazing and really lifted everyone there and I personally also found it really very spiritual.
In a really short space of time we learnt 4 songs, without anything on PAPER...... that was quite scarey to start with as most of us were used to having music and lyrics to read from, but it turned out to be easier than feared. I have a fairly deep singing voice so I stayed in my role of tenor and thoroughly enjoyed what I learnt. I took my lead from the two male tenors who were there - thats them in the front row, the chap with glasses and the one next to him - and I just had a ball.
I'd love you to check out their website and listen to the music they make: If Derek (our conductor) can turn Salcombe's own 'Honest Gospel' into something half as good as them, then I'll be proud to be part of it!!


Lo said...

Oh, how I envy you.....I have always wanted to sing in a chorus of some kind and have never managed it I sing to my cats and, bless 'em, they do not judge me.
Just want to tell you I enjoy your blog lots and I wish you all good things in you soon-to-be married life. Just keep blogging.

Liz said...

Hi Lo
Thanks for your really kind comments. I started the blog as a way of keeping in touch with friends and now I have friends all over the world - you included now!!
Much love

Liz x