Wednesday, 17 March 2010

3 more sleeps..........

This is it then folks for a little while, the great day is nearly upon us and as all the children seem to measure big events in sleeps these days - we have only 3 more sleeps!!! Am I excited?? You bet - SOH has said today that I am 'like a 5 year old who's had 3 weeks worth of E no's in one go'............. :)

Actually he's right - the excitement woke me up early, I say woke me up - that's a bit of a loose statement really, it implies I slept..... I didn't actually. In fact I haven't slept properly since last week with far more than the wedding on my mind. We may have really exciting business developments ahead, and I hope that when I come back from honeymoon I'll be able to tell you all about it - oh, and get back to sleeping normally as well.
However, back to 'The Wedding' you know, this thing I've been writing about for ever (well it seems that way - probably does to you as well....). Tonight our lovely Chef, James is hard at work in the kitchen - after having done a full 12 hr day in his normal work, getting this monster of a cake iced! He has spent hours of his own time baking, marzipaning, and making incredible sugar roses and petals, and I can't wait to see the finished work of art tomorrow morning.
On top of that and as well as the buffet we planned together, he unveiled his menu of Canape's today - and I have to say he has excelled himself... hopefully, someone will keep us a couple to have when we come back from having our photo's taken after the service.
Beautiful cards have started to arrive full of warm wishes, and all the things that drove me to the edge of insanity (ok - just a little exaggeration!!) are slipping into place; - The furniture and decor in the upstairs restaurant looks fabulous, all the pictures from Simon Drew are up and being shown to their best advantage, the Carpet looks wonderful and I'm sure is going to wear well (a good start was made on it with a Christening and lots of children with sticky sweets and drinks last weekend!), the upstairs bar is stocked and looking splendid, and all in all I'm fairly ok with how things are going.
The awning in the back garden is ALMOST done, I'm promised a finish tomorrow - but even now, we can see it's going to be a great crowd pleaser....., Bayleaf our gardeners are coming on Friday to do a bit of planting and tidying. All my new friends here in Salcombe have offered in one way or another to help - so tomorrow at 3 see's Debs and Hazel helping get the upstairs restaurant laid up and gorgeous, Friday sees Debs, Theresa, Dena and Judith in 'doing' flowers (apparently 1,000 dafffodils!!!) and fairy lights and then that just leaves Glo and the staff to get downstairs ready on Saturday morning. The Tattinger is on ice, the fruit for jugs of Pimms is ordered, posh beauty toiletries have been bought for the loo's and hopefully all will be well in the Victoria on the morning of the 20th.
I went to my Church this morning to listen to the CD's for Saturday in all their glorious best on a new improved sound system and managed to sob all through the entrance music - tell you after the event what it is........ but I thought it best to get it out of my system now!!
So that's it then - my big day, the one I think I've dreamed about for ever is nearly here - and as my very dearest friend Tanya said to me today - 'who'd have thought it'............!!
I'm going to marry the man I turned my life upside down and inside out for, the man who makes me smile and wipes my tears. The man who's made my dreams a reality and loves me for who and what I am. The man who's seen me at my very best and at times, particularly when so ill - my very worst - and for all that he loves me.
Having my dear children in my life, particularly my now grown up son Paul is the greatest gift that life could ever have given me, and the biggest single privilege of my life has been in being a Mum. Saturday takes none of that away, and never will, but I do leave some of my past at the Church door at two o'clock and walk forward to my Husband to be: Timothy John Hore, forever to be known to you as SOH but to me, my most dearly beloved Tim.
I hope you wish me luck, love and happiness in this second special part of my journey of a life - I'll bore you all to death with the pics and stories after our short honeymoon in Normandy, in the meantime - Cheers
Liz x x x


Lo said...

Oh, Liz....I am awed and speechless at your incredible joyous moment.
(can you imagine a blogger being speechless, especially old Blabby here?)

Very simply and from the bottom of my heart I congratulate you and wish you and TOH luck, happiness and all good things.
Much love from an ardent follower,

Valerie said...

Have an amazing day Liz. I wish you both all the happiness in the world.

I love your blog!

Love Valerie (Lisa's mum}

the terriers said...

Cant wait to see the pics, have a wonderful day, love your blog and will think of you at 2pm tomorrow!
much love from your friends 'up north'