Saturday, 27 March 2010

Wedding - Part 1

Well what can I say and where do I start other than hello from Mrs Elizabeth Hore........and to let you know that I have sooooooooooo much to say about the events of the last week I'm going to split it down into sections - and with lots of photo's!! The first section is about the day itself. The first photo you can see here is from our very dear friend Lisa Beaney - I just know that we're going to love all of her photo's and we'll have one heck of a job choosing 'favourites' for an album - but I can hardly wait to see them........

Anyway, to the day itself...... I hardly know where to begin really?? It was certainly a day full of excitement, joy and happiness.... my very best friend Tanya helped keep me calm - bacon and eggs at Captain Morgans helped(!) and the dress fitted perfectly!! I was the recipient of huge compliments, my hair (big thanks to Leah at Floc in Kingsbridge) also looked fantastic but I was very pleased to get the three dozen odd pins out of my head at midnight!!
The weather was rotten - with driving rain at some points, but it really didn't matter to the day. Mr Smith - Smee to his friends - DID turn up with a tractor (a long running joke with everyone in on it bar me!!) giving me a little bit of a shock as I wondered momentarily if that really was my transport - but luckily SOH had arranged a proper car - an Austin Chalfont 1934 with chauffeur etc......... Mark, resplendent in his kilt 'gave' me away and held my shaking hand as I waited to get to the church. Loads and loads of people waved as drove past in the car, and I was really humbled to think they had stood in driving rain just to wish me well.

When I got to the Church, all I wanted to do was get out of the car safely (it was very wet and slippery on the cobbles outside of the Church, and my trembly legs weren't helping matters) get in the dry and look my best for SOH. I could see all our friends and then I could see him, SOH .......... with his glasses on his head! Bossy to the end I sent a message ahead to get his glasses off - I saw Tim laugh and quickly remove them!! With that laugh - I was absolutely ok!! Tanya helped get my dress arranged properly (she's the blonde in the hat in the photo's at the bottom of this blog) all nerves went, the entrance music 'Pie Jesu' resounded around the Church, Mark and I waited about 30 seconds and we were off - processing (as slowly as we could!).

I honestly felt like a complete and utter Princess as I walked down the aisle smiling (a smile that never left my face for the next 10 hours!!) and then I saw Tim properly - so very handsome in his suit and after that - well, it's all a bit of a blur really....... I remember stumbling through the words of the first hymn as my voice was a bit croaky and I was thinking of saying our vows, Tim smiled at me loads and we kept muttering little things to each other, I turned round and smiled at my son and was rewarded with the smile that said - 'love you Mum'.

I almost cried twice - once as Tim's eyes never left mine as we exchanged vows and then again at the reading from Captain Corelli's Mandolin. The wedding ceremony itself was hugely special to us - and since then we've had lots of our guests say how much they enjoyed the service itself.

One of the best memories for me was sitting on our chairs as the reading were happening and looking at all these friends and family smiling at US, and twee as it may sound you could really feel the love in Holy Trinity that afternoon. All of the most important people in our lives were there, friends old and new, family, work and business colleagues and then also people from the congregation at church as well.

But it's the coming out of the church I hope I'll remember for ever - we literally danced out to Nat King Cole singing L.O.V.E - and that kickstarted the party good and proper for the rest of the day. The assembled audience were completely surprised and seemed to really enjoy this twist to the day (Tim's idea I have to say!!). Tim looked so happy and gave me 2 good 'twirls' in the aisle and before we knew it - we were done!!

In the next blog post I'll write about the rest of the day............. so keep looking, I'll try to write it in the next couple of days, in the meantime - enjoy some of the other photo's!

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