Sunday, 7 February 2010

41 days and counting............

Okay - firstly, 41 days and counting to our wedding and still no wedding dress yet....... ok, I'm not panicking (yet) but I'd feel happier if I just knew it was sitting in the shop! Bless 'em, they must be sick of me at La Belle Bridal and I'm not quite at the stage of a once a day call, but it's getting close to it!! It is apparently in the next expected consignment...... might just give them a quick ring tomorrow (!). Apart from that we'll be getting a couple of orders of service next week from our great local printers 'Triangle Printers' to choose design and layout, and then we're virtually done!

Its been an odd sort of week this last week - SOH and I travelled to Abercraf in South Wales for his Auntie's funeral. It was a long journey there and back, and very tiring - but I'm so glad we went. There were only 7 mourners, one of them being her widowed Husband, and the service was held in the house. The Vicar (Allan) was just lovely, and we were asked if we would like to contribute memories of Doreen. I had never met this lady, but it was obvious from the house and the memento's around, that this was a lady with a talent and an eye for art and there was clearly a great love for her husband Gilbert - so it was this observation that was my contribution. The service was followed by a burial in the local cemetary (my first ever burial!!) but it was very moving - particularly as Allen sang unaccompanied at the graveside with words of loss to the song 'Danny Boy'.........

Afterwards I spoke to the undertaker about the fact it had been my first experience of a burial and that I hadn't found it too bad.....he said that 'No Bach-cremations were much better'...... I said well it didn't matter to me as I was going to experience neither (I have had a lifelong fear of death!!) and he said that when he was dead, that for them to check he really was dead that they would have to play the national anthem - and if he didn't stand to attention - then he WAS dead!! It almost seemed inappropriate to laugh at such a solemn occasion but I couldn't help laugh at this undertaker with a such strong welsh accent (he consistently called me Bach) and such a great manner........All in all, a very odd day and yet a funeral that left me with a lot to reflect on! For many reasons..........

On top of this we've had the building works continuing........ our once beautiful pub continues to look like a building site upstairs. Well out of sight of the customers I might add - but sure as hell not out of sight of Rosie!! Our Rosie has been in the cement, the paint and the dirt........ and has managed to bring most of it into our flat!!

I had a few tears on Tuesday as the dust, dirt and all the upheaval just got me down - alongside Biffa (refuse people) playing silly arses about collecting our rubbish - to the point that I ended up after about 7 phone calls speaking to a Manager who finally managed to sort the problems out for us, and consequently ensured that a man with a briefcase appeared in our pub within 3 hours to 'smooth things out'...!!

Looking at all the mess though, I got really anxious as to how it will all be ok for our wedding, but lovely Carl and Luke have assured me we will be ready and gorgeous!! The picture is of our upstairs restaurant which will hold our wedding buffet for 94 people......... can't visualise it right now - can you!?!?

The garden is looking good though - 'Kempy' and his Dad (local firm - Saltaire) have put in some steps in the garden with sleepers...... It's really opened up the garden and takes the eye right up the entire length! Jusr waiting for some rope to be sent through now whcih will give an additional feature to the steps. They also moved the BBQ and we now have a permanent site for that. Apart from that, the re-furbished pub downstairs has been ever so well recieved - absolutely everyone loves it, and I have to say we are chuffed to bits with it!!

On a completely different note, I have been part of a vocal group at my Church for a special Taize service tonight. We have been learning some beautiful music, and tonight should be very special - candlelight, meditation, prayers and music, what a great combination, and a good ending to a fairly 'challenging' week.

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