Wednesday, 17 February 2010

And life just gets better - NOT!!!!!

Well then where exactly do I start my dear readers......... which trauma would you like to hear about first!! How about the re-furb?? Oh go on - that's a cracking one to kick off with.....

OK - so you all know about our fab re-furb! The pub (downstairs) is looking fantastic - the rest of the pub until the last day or two has looked increasingly like a bomb site - BUT.... all is on target. All actually going fairly swimmingly until the 8th February when I had a couple of missed calls and a voice mail from a tel no I didn't recognise?? The voice message (when I eventually figured out how to retrieve this message from my new I phone!! ) was from a fairly distraught sales representative from the furniture company - H J Berry - who we had ordered a little over £7k's worth of furniture and which we were expecting to be delivered on the 19th February - (you know where this is going don't you...) telling us that the firm had / were going into administration and we wouldn't be getting our furniture!

Of course, not only are we not getting our furniture they also have our deposit of nearly £3.5k say I was nearly in hysterics when I put my phone down is not even close to it....all I could think of was the Christening for 50 plus on the 14th March and our wedding on the 20th... and no bloody furniture!! My SOH doesn't make it any easier when he takes his usual lovely laid back approach of saying it would all be OK - when clearly it F'ing well wouldn't!!!

Several days and phone calls later, e mails etc etc, we were no closer to getting resolution, my head was close to bursting point and I can truthfully say that I had no proper sleep for several nights. A quite lovely birthday weekend in Somerset with friends was spoilt by the worry of it all - more of that in the next post (with incriminating pics!!).

On our return Sunday, I was adamant that we had to get this sorted - so much Internet trawling located a firm in Exeter with a showroom to go and visit; Capricorn Imports - with a really lovely director by the name of Brian Pengelly who personally showed us his collection and guaranteed the order being fulfilled. I can not begin to tell you how I felt and the relief at knowing we were sorted..............Furniture being delivered 8th March and I have his word for it!!

Then just to top my life of perfectly - I have an abscess on my gum!! So bad that I have to have the tooth out under sedation - and little change from £500/£600...........I have that joy to look forward to next Saturday the 27th just 3 weeks before the 'big day' itself..... hopefully my face will look a lot less like a well fed hamster by then!

The one really good thing is that my wedding dress HAS arrived and I go for a fitting this Saturday........... hoorah!!

But that my dear friends is how my life is at the moment - one flipping trauma after the other.....and money flying out the door like confetti!!

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