Saturday, 30 January 2010

Chad, Rosie and the RAT!!

I meant to include this little bit in my last blog entry but ran out of time and energy - the latter being a bit more on the menu (thankfully!!)

Firstly, let me introduce you to this fabulous gentleman in the picture.... his name is Chad, well, that's what everyone calls him! I actually don't don't know his proper name, but what I do know is that Chad keeps Salcombe clean and lovely. He's out in all weathers, he always has a smile and I don't think I've ever know him to be even the slightest bit miserable. At Christmas he wears a Santa hat and his cart has a horn which he uses occasionally - if only to get a smile from tourists!!

In one of our chats not long after we moved here, I was saying what a tough job he had - and his response was that it was one of the best jobs! He loves the fact he works in such a great place, meets so many nice people and can do such a good job.......... ohhhh, don't you love him already!!!

He and our Rosie have developed a real affinity with each other - she absolutely adores him and it appears to be pretty mutual..... With Rosie, SOH and I have developed a little pattern which allows us a short lay in of a morning - I stay in bed pretending to be asleep, he gets up, lets her out for a pee and then brings her back to bed where we all snuggle down for another 40 winks!

On one such occasion last week, SOH was doing just this - and I was in in bed snoozing, when I heard Chad returning our re-cycling bin to it's rightful place (see what I mean, he doesn't have to do this and in fact he probably shouldn't - but that's the sort of chap Chad is!) Next thing I hear is Chad let out this guttural moan and words to the effect of 'aarrghhhh - a rat!' closely followed by "Rosie - what are you doing here"............. followed by Chad then seeing SOH in his white towelling bath robe (it was not long after 7.30 a.m!!) and much laughter all round!!! Poor Chad - he thought Rosie was an overgrown rat climbing up his leg............. even writing this has me smiling at the memory!!
I hasten to add that we work closely with Baroque on pest control and can vouch to being rat/mouse free............... Honest!!

What else has the last few days bought?? Well, I am definitely getting better, still quite knackered come middle of the afternoon, but I've stopped fighting it and if I want to snooze then I snooze! Work continues on the pub and Carlton our marvelous builder is fast becoming the 2nd man in my life as he and his team transform our pub - but more about that next time!!

At 48 days and counting till the Big Day the wedding preparations are fairly well in hand, I sat last night and spent a small fortune on the internet buying all the 'pretty' things that will make the day even more special - the ribbons, the chocolates, the rose petals etc for the can see how costs start to ratchet up, and we've done it reasonably cheaply as well!!

We've sat with James our Chef and devised the menu's etc for the day, and then Glo my lovely bar manager has thought about staffing and she's also going to lead on decroating the pub etc for the wedding.

The Order of Service is written and will go to the printers next week, all the invites for the evening are written and being handed out - and we probably will end up with about 200 for the evening....... already, last night we were saying - Oh what about "XYZ", we haven't invited them...????

Mmmnn, just phoned the Bridal shop - no wedding dress yet......... but I'm NOT panicking!! Am I???? ..............................

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