Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Recovery & Re-furbishment.........

So, slowly but surely - both of those things are happening! My recovery is maddeningly slow...... the breathing chart is showing a nice gentle upward swing - but my body is taking it's time in catching up with it!! I get tired soooooo quickly and then when I do get tired my 'pleuritic' pain makes me ache in my ribs like nothing I've known before...... quite infuriating, as I can see so much that needs doing, particularly at a time such as this re-furb here at the Victoria Inn. However, I know that unless I'm sensible I shall only end up being really ill again, so for once I am doing exactly as I was advised and taking each day as it comes!

I have to say a big mention here to the Special Asthma Clinic at Southampton, my consultant Dr Ramesh Kurukulaaratchy and the fantastic lead Asthma nurse Sister Duffus...... following a call to them last week, I have had a couple of calls back checking on my progress and advising on present and future treatment plans. With 'Patient Choice' you can of course choose where you want your treatment to come from, and lots of people have queried why I travel so far to see this team, well, after my rant in the last blog about the state of the NHS the Southampton clinic is an outstanding rare example of excellence, and I will be forever in their gratitude for their care and attention. Plus, Dr Ramesh is not half bad to look at either..........

The refurbishment has entered the final stage as far as downstairs is concerned, and whilst I've managed to stay away from it on the whole, when I have gone downstairs, the transformation is incredible!! The colours we've chosen are just beautiful and are definitely going to give it more of a cosy, warm feeling. Everyone of the workmen has worked so hard, and the painter's are doing a great job - not only that, they're TIDY!!! So God willing and with a fair wind, we should be open for trading on SATURDAY.......... blimey, it doesn't look like it will be right now, but hold the faith.... it will be!!!

SOH and I took the entire Victoria Inn team out on Sunday for an Indian meal to say thank you for all their unstinting hard work over the last year - I think a good time was had by all, and there were various bits of entertainment, ranging from David burning his hand on a Sambucca shot (showing off!!), Mattie getting quite merry on the Indian beer, Ekaterina looking stunningly beautiful and Nick being the village idiot lookalike in Matt's beanie hat!!!

On top of all this is the wedding of course - 55 days come Saturday........... right now I'm concentrating on getting fit and well, rather than think too hard about losing the remaining 3 stone!! A dress fitting is planned for the end of February, SOH's 'stag' do is in the pipeline and my pre-wedding dinner is in the planning. Only 'Order of Service' to get sorted, evening invitations and table decs - we're done!!

SOH bought me a fabulous wedding present this week - its from a great new shop in town called Jo Down's, fabulous hand made pieces of glass/mirror etc. I spied the mirror that he has bought me almost as soon as the shop was being fitted out - and now we'll have it to remind us always.

Tomorrow, sees us make a journey to Newquay to the St Austell Estate Awards Dinner (HOORAH, AN EXCUSE TO DRESS UP!!) this was our first time last year and was a great bash, so needless to say, we're really looking forward to it again this year. We are shortlisted for Wine Pub of the Year category, and to even be shortlisted in what was our first year is a great achievement, so whether we win or not, we're proud to have got that far!

So there you have it my lovelies - the last week condensed down into a few sentences...... here's to the next week!!

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Pete & Julie said...


Glad to hear you are on the mend. Thanks too for your comments on my photos - good to have an appreciative audience.

Keep well - Pete & Julie