Saturday, 8 August 2009

What next is what I wonder???

I'm having one of those periods in my life when I wonder what on earth is going to be the next thing that creeps up and wallops me in the eye...... So then you're thinking - what now??

Well just as I thought life was settling down - our little dog Beth went to doggie heaven yesterday to continue chasing rabbits. Poor old girl, she'd been such a faithful companion to Tim for almost 14 years and just on 4 to me as well. Beth never really like Salcombe - it was all too hilly for her old limbs and she hated all the stairs. Because of that and also the fact that we have such a busy pub here she was never quite as much a part of everyday life at the Victoria as she had been at our previous pubs - although I just know that the boys in the kitchen gave her the odd scrap or two when she sat on the edge of the kitchen looking at them longingly and pleadingly with those beautiful eyes of her's that could make anyone give her anything!

At the St James Tavern my memory of first meeting her was that she was curled up on the old settee in the office and was wagging her tail furiously at me to let me know she was friendly and that I needn't be scared - until Beth I had an inate fear of dogs!! Her other favourite place there was at the foot of the stairs coming into the bar - she just loved the company. At the Golden Lion she had the run of the bar as it was all on the ground floor and she often padded into the bar - did a bit of 'hoovering' and then padded out again!

She was very good at sensing when people were ill or sad and there have been many times when I have been one or both of those things and she just sat by my feet not moving. According to Tim she apparently sensed the terrible Tsunami of a few years ago by getting Tim out of bed and when outside just sitting looking up at the moon....?!? My little friend Ashley used to love coming to stay so he could walk her, and it'll be hard to forget her 'woofing' down the phone when she heard my best friend Tanya's voice on the phone.... :) I also don't think we'll ever forget some of the times she was sound asleep and dreaming, twitching and jumping - hence the 'chasing rabbits'!

The vet at Selworthy Practice in Kingsbridge was a fabulous young lady called Carrie Renshaw and she was kindness and compassion itself - both to us and Beth. So it's the end of an era for Tim, myself and huge thanks to all our friends who have sent us such lovely little messages...........So until another time, bye Beth X

Tomorrow is another day, and it's the start of the town regatta week and the Red Arrows are here at around 12......... should be exciting and hopefully nice and busy!! Our BBQ is open from 2.30 through till 8.30 and staff are on all day as the roads are closed for coming in and out of town until the late afternoon. Town is really busy tonight and the bar downstairs is still humming! Whats more - the sun is forecast for tomorrow!! Hoorah!!


Jennifer said...

Liz, I am so sorry to hear the news about Beth. She was a sweetheart. It's funny isn't it how a dog can change your life so dramatically in such a happy way?

Good luck with regatta week.

Jenny in Sunny California.

Pete & Julie said...

Liz - We are so sorry to hear of your loss. A dog is for life and they easily become an integral part of the family.

With Love

Pete & julie