Saturday, 15 August 2009

And Breathe............

We're nearly at the end of the Regatta - last day tomorrow....... and SOH reminded me last night that it will be a year to the day come Sunday that we came to the Victoria Inn to do a last look round before taking over in the October. Crikey we've come a long way since then - I remember Karen - one of our barmaids being all on her own, the garden having very few people in and that with uncollected glasses etc it looked a bit of a tip! Oh yes, and SOH managed to throw the best part of a fruit juice all over me!!! So yes, we have come a long way since then...... all in all it's been a pretty good Regatta for us trade wise - the garden when it's been sunny and warm has been full - in fact yesterday, sadly a family didn't stay as there was not a single outside table! Even when it's been a bit wet people have chosen to sit outside under shelter...... thats where an awning on one of the outside walls would come in handy for al-fresco dining.... but thats a whole different post for the future!?!

The BBQ has done very well most evenings - but still is slightly hard to predict as to how busy we'll be or not be - but as a general rule we're doing an average of 50 BBQ's a night - sometimes 80 - sometimes 30!! The restaurant though has been full and tables turned over 2 or 3 times in a session...... clever staff I've got! But business aside - the town has had a fantastic feeling to it - I guess the bunting in town has contributed to the carnival feeling, and their have been quite a lot of events in the square opposite the Vic - gymnastics, line dancing (I'd so fall over my own feet if that was me!) barbershop singing - a quartet and a fabulous group - The Kingsmen. They were really great - barbershop singing (particularly women-sorry!) is NOT my favorite style of singing and I would NEVER go out of my way to listen to it - but this group were something else! With the most darling little lad in the middle of them singing his heart out!! I think you can just see him in the middle of the picture........ I was humming one of their songs for the rest of the evening and long after they left!

On a personal basis we got Beth's ashes back yesterday - totally surreal that this small wicker pouch contains our beloved Beth...... when SOH goes back to Winchester he's going to take the ashes and scatter them over one of her favourite places that she used to love to run and play on when she was younger and fitter. Those of you that knew her back then will guess where that is - better not put the destination on here in case some bureaucrat says 'its not allowed'........!

Also, having our flat above the pub painted and tidied up by Luke - a lovely young local man and who just happens to be the son of Glo our bar manager........ as pub accomodation goes this is probably one of the best you are likely to find. Traditionally, pub accomodation is never that great as of course it's not a priority for breweries and SOH says he's seen (and lived!) in some right grotty places, but ours here is actually quite lovely. When we shut our door we are totally cocooned away from the pub (apart from the dratted phone!).
My home and where I spend my quiet time (ha!!) has always been very important to me and I know that SOH appreciates the home I've made for us - so this lick of paint will just put the finishing touches to it for us.

In the photo is our kitchen - we're having one wall a beautiful peach colour and the old fireplace will be much more a feature of the room. After that comes the hall, stairs and landing, bathroom and then the lounge - oohh, we will look luverly!! Then the pub's working kitchen will also get painted to freshen that up after the season.

Oh yes, and I've started my 'I will not be a fat Bride' regime - but properly this time...... I've joined an online support group, 'Sparkpeople' - predominently American - but really nice people, all with a common goal. I also have joined a 'fitbug' group - you get a pedometer and track how far or how many steps you are taking every day.
Fighting a weight problem has been with me for most of my adult life - there was a time - when I was 16 (!) - that I vaguely remember being slim!! But in the last 30 plus years if I had a real quid for the pounds that have gone on and off, and also the amount of money I 've spent on trying to lose weight then not only would I be happier with myself but I'd be rich............ So the big day is March 20th next year and 'I will not be a fat Bride'...............

Now then where did I hide those trainers............... :)

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Lisa Beaney LSWPP said...

Hi Liz, I'm sure in your job (and your pub !) you'll be amazed at how many steps you do take every day. I'm sure you'll let us all know how it goes :)