Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Anonymous bloggers

Hello dear friends - but especially the gutless person who is taking time out of their very busy day to regularly say (anonymously - of course!!) what rubbish this blog is, our new pub is and also how very good the new landlords are at our old pub the Golden Lion.

I say anonymously - but actually:
1) I have a hugely good idea who you are Mr...... it was nice to speak to you the other night, AND
2) I have Google Analytics on my blog - the advanced type which tells me how long someone logged on to the site for, what pages they looked at and for how long etc etc. But far more importantly it pinpoints EXACTLY where the person is in the country when they access this blog...........So you have been warned!!

I suppose if you write something like this you do lay yourself open for criticism (and cranks / sad losers as well) but also valid stuff (cheers Jim - I changed the spelling of your name!) all that is perfectly ok - but if you don't like what I write........ don't read it. So on that basis and now I've got that off my chest ..... I'll move on and you can choose to read or not:

I have been away to Portsmouth this last weekend for nice reasons this time - catching up with my very good friend Tanya and also spending time with my lovely son Paul and his wife Caroline...and then to see my fabulous respiratory consultant in Southampton - Dr K. I'm not sure if it's because Salcombe is just so blooming lovely but both Pompey and S/ton looked so dirty and scruffy, also it was a real shock to see so many of the shops closed in both towns - also the number of really good old pubs that have shut down! The Jolly Sailor in Southsea for one - well I never!! Really very sad to see so much of our heritage hitting the skids..... I did a little retail therapy (of course!) and most of the shop assistants couldn't be arsed to serve me either - oh it does make me mad....

Then after my hospital appt a quick hop and a jump to Winchester and my other great friends Colette, Ems and briefly John - so lovely to see you all, and then supper in the Golden Lion and a great game of poker with my old poker playing mates! It was nice to catch up with Brid and Derek the new landlords of the Lion - and it was lovely to see the old place in safe hands. Of course no visit to the Lion would be the same without sharing just a few gins with my very best male friend Mark - it was just like old times!! All of the catching up was just great, but I can't see me ever moving back to a City - it all felt too dark and stifling - so it was great to see Salcombe come in to's nice to be home!

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