Monday, 28 October 2013

What a night..................

If you're anything like us, I bet most of you don't give a thought as to where or how the food gets from the menu and onto the plate?? So, I thought it would be interesting to share with you a picture from Kingfisher of Brixham who supply almost all of our fish. This was sent to us today by them, (along with prices for the fish on sale) and is one of their day boats at sea yesterday............... unbelievable isn't it, the danger these men put themselves in to ensure that we have fish on our menus. That's why, when we get the opportunity to support the Fishermen locally and across the world we do so wholeheartedly!!
Talking of Fish, at the moment we have our great seafood sharing platters & Haddock & Chips on the menu as well as a great Fish Pie, and then specials today are Turbot pan fried with a tomato, courgette & aubergine Herbes de Provence dressing and served with a delicious creamy spring onion mash, as well as Mussels from the River Exe.  Chef is sautéing them with ginger, garlic & spring onions (spring onions must have been on offer with the Veg man!!) finished with fresh coriander, flat leaf parsley and white wine. Two of our chefs - Stuart and Adam went to the Rick Stein Cookery School last week to do a day on cooking with fish so I think these specials are their creation. 
Back to the 'storm' then.......... we 'battened down the hatches' last night, storing everything that could blow around or safely stowed away, the chickens were put away early and all noticeboards in with side entrance doors securely shut!  Luckily, Salcombe had little to show for there having been a massive storm other than some flooding in the street and effluent in the street - yet again!!!  Here at the Vic we are indeed fortunate to be just above the level in which other places seem to flood, but it was still pretty nerve wracking last night as gusts of around 115mph whipped round the buildings.  I drove out round South & North Sands today and their were lots of surfers enjoying the bonus of surfing waves!
So all in all, thankfully, the great storm didn't really seem to affect us and in actual fact I think it's given holiday makers (of whom there are lots here at the moment) a taste of living somewhere so beautiful when it wild and windy and at one with nature. Thankfully, we don't fly to Paris until next weekend in which time hopefully, the weather will be a bit calmer!
Till next time - stay warm & dry,
Liz x


OOkevin said...

All sounds a bit fishy!!Pretty unlikely we had 115mph gusts, probably half this - although that was scary.Good to see Salcombe busy for half term week despite the weather.

Liz said...

I'm no Michael Fish but I was told the winds were that - so who am I to argue............??? As if! :)