Monday, 6 June 2011

Royal British Legion 90th Birthday - Poppy Party at the Victoria Inn

If you are in my neck of the woods I'd love you to put the date of Friday 10th June in your diary and come and join us for a big birthday party - it's the Royal British Legion's 90th year and they are having celebratory Poppy Parties all over the place.  We are spearheading the West with our party on the 10th - which incidentally is the same day as the start of the Salcombe Music Festival - so should be a great atmosphere. I have always thought that the RBL does a fantastic job in supporting elderly ex-servicemen, as well as some of the younger ones and the difficulties they face when coming out into 'civvy street', particularly with so many ongoing conflicts and men & women being injured, as well as drink, drugs and mental health issues through Post Traumatic Stress. 

When I ran a huge benefits take up campaign for Portsmouth City Council I know for certain that there were many of my clients helped by the RBL in many ways.  

My family and I were also personally helped by the RBL in 1978 when our 2nd child, Carole was born with Cerebral Palsy.  She was sadly very, very ill and only lived to just over 8 months old. With an ex-services unemployed Husband and no money in the bank, the funeral was yet another huge worry at an already traumatic time. We were advised by a hospital Social Worker that the RBL may well be able to help because of my Husbands Royal Navy career. Help us they certainly did............. they paid for the entire funeral and I for one have never ever forgotten that act of kindness and generosity that eased away a little of the pain. If I can raise lots of money from this party I will feel that I have been able to repay that act of kindness from so long ago but still often feeling like yesterday. 

So, Poppy Party on the 10th July - BBQ starting at 6.30 p.m with choice of 100% Beef Burger or Chicken Breast marinated in Lime & Chilli or Haloumi. Served with New Potatoes and Salad and followed by Summer Fruits and Devon Double Cream for the amazing price of £9.50 - a saving of about £6 on our normal prices. Then the 'Old Gaffers' will be entertaining us from about 7.30  and we have some amazing Raffle Prizes - not just from us personally, but St Austell brewery have generously donated a lovely Camera and some of the local shops have contributed generously as well - should be about 20 prizes altogether. If it rains - we'll cook outside and just move the fun indoors to our upstairs restaurant...........................

The rest of our news? Well for the other part of the Salcombe Music festival weekend, I have Danny Jones singing for us again on Saturday and our Harpist Symon Paul on Sunday - so a good mix of entertainment once again!

May Bank holiday was fabulously busy again and even now there are a good many people around! Hoorah! Wish me luck for Friday and fingers crossed for a whole heap of money to be raised.......

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