Friday, 17 June 2011

Phew - Thank Goodness THAT week is over!!

Phew - what a week that was!!! SOH had his weeks holiday in the sun last week - but we didn't check our calendar properly and I was left to deal with a hugely busy music festival weekend on my own!! But I did it.................. not only that, we raised funds for the Royal British Legion 'Poppy Party' appeal and we raised £900!!!! Our customers were soooooooooooo generous - well,    99.9 % of them - I won't bore you with the appalling behaviour of the party of 6 at the weekend who behaved so despicably.  A huge thank you to Rob and David from Blue Water Salcombe who generously donated £150 to the evening.                                Anyway - the Old Gaffers entertained us in the garden on the Friday night, followed by Danny Jones singing in the pub on the Saturday.  It was an amazing sight to see so many people crammed into our small bar area dancing, singing and enjoying themselves as they were listening to Danny sing!!  The rest of the weekend and the week itself pretty much disappeared into a blur of working, sleeping and fundraising..........................But I was pretty chuffed to get the amount to £900.  Thats this blog done for now - the next one will be about focussing on the summer and rent rises!!!  


oddies said...

Well done Elizabeth, it shows with hard work and planning what can be done on your own. Congratulations with the remarkable fund raising. It is hard work but can be very rewarding. I hope the rent rise is not too much!
Richard Westwell

Liz said...

Thanks Richard - yes it was hard work and not with out the odd tear or 3 for various reasons - but as you say, very well worth it!!