Monday, 14 June 2010

Me voy en mis vacaciones

Yep - I'm off to sunny Spain for a few days........ For my British readers - do you remember the theme tune from 'One Foot In The Grave'......?? Well a line from that is: Clapped out, rundown, too old to save!! Well - that is exactly how I've been feeling lately...... :(
So my lovely Husband and Son have persuaded me to take a few days out - get my head together, get lots of rest and much needed sleep, meditate, pray and generally enjoy the peace and quiet............ No booze (I'm on the wagon - see further on as to why!) ) lots of lovely Spanish fruit, and I'm packing my trainers to do a bit of walking - that is when I'm not asleep on the beach..... or listening to my Ipod or having a massage from one of those lovely Thai ladies that stomp up and down the beach! All on my own for 5 whole nights...... I won't have to talk to anyone if I don't want to or make polite conversation, I'm taking a very light suitcase, a couple of good books and I'm off!
Then of course the other exciting / good thing in my life right now is 'Reg' - my very own personal trainer. We were on visit 3 today - I've hardly lost any weight (not hugely surprising when I think what I've been eating and drinking - hence the alcohol abstinence) but already he says my heart is working better and I can do some stretches, exercises and step aerobic stuff that just 3 visits ago (yes just 3) defeated me or knackered me out straight away!
I still hate the first 5 to 10 minutes of our session ..... I won't pretend otherwise and then something strange and rather wonderful happens - I actually enjoy it! I even looked forward to seeing him today and doing the session!
The come the end of our session I want to do more, but 'Reg' won't let me, he says we have to build this up slowly and gently - perhaps it's the sweaty red face and the panting like I'm giving birth that tells him I've had enough........... :) But I am really getting quite a buzz from it and a real sense of achievement. So that is why I'm packing the trainers - I'm going to be one of those women that stride up and down the prom after sunset looking cool.......... ok - hot and sweaty in my case probably, but thats my intention.
So thats it tonight - no talk of work or anything else for that matter, I'll only get all miserable and whiney and thats not good for you or me! I have to pack and do a million things before I get on the plane.................

¡Hasta pronto queridos lectores................... (Do a Google translation!) X

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