Monday, 7 June 2010

The Hobbit House - Newsflash

Ok, ok - please don't be getting bored with my 'newsflashes' it's just that I have so much happening at this time - I really don't have the time or the energy to sit on here blogging right now :(

But - at last, the Hobbit House - the Victoria Inn's new accommodation is up, running and being used - AND, more bookings in the pipeline!!!

Seb Joli - Salcombe's lovely young french photographer came and took some shots for me - so now our website can be bought up to scratch and along with the White Hart Hotel in Modbury, I can start to really market both of them strongly with TIC's and various other sites! If you know of any good sites that YOU use please let me know - free ones preferably.... ha ha.

Talking of marketing - I have been working with a great young man called Matt who operates if you go to You Tube and put in White Hart Hotel Modbury - you'll see this rather clever video clip he's done......... going to get him to do the same for the Hobbit House! I really like Matt - here's a person who does what he says he will!

Business has been exceedingly good at the Victoria Inn and over at the White Hart Hotel you can see every week getting just that little bit better.......... That must account for why SOH and I fell asleep in front of the TV at tea time tonight when we actually sat down....!!
If I have another late night this week - I'll try to sit and tell you more about life as a pub landlady at the moment - I tell you what though - boring it ain't!!!!!!!!!!

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