Thursday, 27 May 2010

Here's an update of my news

Morning all!! I just couldn't sleep so at 5.00a.m - I thought sod it - I may as well get up, and my goodness I've achieved loads...... so thought I may as well write a blog post as well! This probably means I'll be asleep this afternoon, but hey!

So where shall I start - lets have an update on the business's first shall we.........
First and foremost - the lovely Victoria Inn! Oh I do love my home down here in Salcombe..... it is quite possibly one of the nicest places on Gods earth! As I sit here now, the sun is just rising and shining through my office window, I can hear the seagulls and all is quite perfect (except for the bit that I'm awake and up of course). Business here is grand, you can feel the atmosphere starting to pick up and really buzz, and with all the very hot weather we've just had - lots and lots of red and white stripey bodies abound! Our new summer menu is being VERY well received - I particularly love the Giant Prawn and Salmon Skewers as do our customers and last years favourite of Baked Pork Belly is being snapped up! As always - thirsty drinkers are flocking towards Tribute and Proper Job - but the 'special' ale on at the moment is Wreckers - and very popular it's proving as well!

SOH and I are out later today buying bedroom furniture for the Hobbit House (our new B & B accommodation) we already have bookings and yay the end is in sight!! It's really looking quite lovely - and as soon as possible I'll have some pictures taken and you'll all want to come and stay ........................

Whitsun this weekend will undoubtedly be one of our busiest times in Salcombe this year - so we are all ready for it! bring it on............fingers crossed for good weather.

Now then - what about the White Hart Hotel in Modbury, our latest venture? Well, I am really pleased to say that you can see the business starting to climb - slowly but very surely. This was not like going in to a business that was up and running - this pub had been empty for months and 2 previous owners had gone bust, so it has 'history'! (nuff said!) I guess some of the locals are a bit suspicious of us as 'outsiders' but having the name St Austell behind us is undoubtedly helping - the brewery has a great reputation and that goes a long way.

I briefly mentioned last time our Curry evening - that really was a huge success and showed what we could do a treat - here's a delightful (!) pic of me with pinny on and some very happy customers!!

We did our first wake this week - and again, the customer was very pleased and we got lots of hugely positive feedback - and at least 60 people visited and met us for the first time........... so whilst a sad occasion for the family, we were able to give a great buffet reception for them and help foster and improve our reputation. Two music nights were quite well received, but most exciting is our first comedy night on Thursday 3rd June at 8.30.
3 comedy acts off the national and international circuit; JUNIOR SIMPSON – the ‘New Lenny Henry’ said The Times, CRAIG MURRAY – ‘Hilarious Raconteur of Northern Roots, STUART BLACK – Compere Extraordinaire, and DEBBIE JONES a Local Lass. We have 100 tickets to sell at £10 a go for a good couple of hours live entertainment, so that really should be a great evening!!

This morning we are meeting James Staunton the MD of St Austell at the White Hart - he hasn't seen the pub yet, so we are seeing him at 10.30 to give him the guided tour. Our new chef Martyn is in position now - a thoroughly nice likeable young man who will be working with my Executive Chef James to learn how we like things done and then use all his own flair and experience to get us a great reputation for food!
Lastly - Captain Morgans. Our private business concern separate from the 2 pubs but because of the B & B angle at the Victoria there will be a tie in - as it will be CM's that provides the breakfast! This is a nice little business - it gets all the locals in first thing in the morning - and then the hangover seekers, then the yachties and then everyone else! At last the staff have their new tee shirt uniforms and I'm sure that they will compliment the bright yellow paintwork beautifully!!

One last picture to show 2 of our staff at the christening for their baby - Carol, Marcus and baby Haydn here at the Victoria the other week - don't you think they look a lovely happy family?? The baby was a joy - hardly a peep out of him the whole time.........

So that's about it for now really - except to say a huge thank you to everyone who sent me good wishes (and worried concerns that I'm overdoing things!) for a speedy recovery. It's really gratifying to think so many people read my meanderings on this blog and that so many people care............... so thank you all, and I'm pleased to report that I'm back on the road to good health and seeing 'Reg' next week for as assessment for a personal training plan - more of that to come!

Next time I write absolutely promise to tell you all about our fabulous day on the Orient Express.

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McGillicutty said...

WOW you are so busy!!! no wonder you're up early to fit all that in. I'm so happy your businesses are flourishing. I did make a trip home in April and wish I'd been able to get down there.. maybe next time!