Friday, 18 December 2009

A quick one......and some news!

Blog entry that is...!!! Well, what do you know? I'm actually ready for Christmas....finished writing the remaining cards tonight, pressies wrapped and ready to give, Duck ordered from our local butcher Paul Coleman ready for Christmas Eve - and I say, Christmas - I'm ready for you now! We are opening the pub on Christmas Day from 12 - 2.30 ('ish SHO says!!) and I had only 2 proviso's on that - 1) I wasn't cleaning the pub first thing in the morning on Christmas Day - I'm not, our darling 2nd cleaner is doing it, and 2) I'm not cooking Christmas lunch - I'm not, SOH is doing it..... so actually, Christmas Day should be a bit of a laugh!!

Our Christmas parties are going down a storm so far - everyone, without exception has been very happy - the first pic here is of the tree in our upstairs restaurant (the one thats being totally re-furbed and re-vamped in the NY) used for a large party last night and another one tomorrow. In fact, our party tonight have already said they want to book for next year!! Not bad is it??

The food thats been going out has looked and smelt amazing! This is where my head chef James excels himself and he and his team really produce the goods! This is a picture of James and Matthew - our young but enthusiastic and hard working KP! But all the staff play their part in getting things ready for parties - I don't know where we'd be if it wasn't for Glo my Bar Manager, she has such a great eye for detail and makes sure that everything works like clockwork! Lastly, here is a picture of two of the bar team - Karen and David - looking very smart don't you think??

Rosie continues to be Rosie bless her - as I type this she is trying to savage one of my trainers, and nearly knocking herself out in the process! As mad as a hatter, she has today shown the first signs of being a normal puppy - in fact she got barked at by an older and much larger dog in the bar - the first time so far, and she appeared most offended that there was someone in the world who didn't seem to love her!

Now then, what was my news.... oh yes, Tim and I, and 2 very good friends have gone into partnership to buy Captain Morgans in Salcombe.... an absolute Salcombe institution!! A cafe that does great breakfasts etc and a good day time trade - so I guess this is a bit of a pension investment for us all, and gives us even more of a tie to Salcombe as a future retirement place!! Before anyone e mails me with concerns - here are the answers ('cos I've already been asked these Q's a dozen times!!)

> no we're not changing anything drastically in the Cafe,
> yes, the pub is our primary business,
> no, the cafe is not connected to the pub - only by way of us running both
> no we are definitely NOT leaving the Victoria Inn
> no, we are not changing the menu hugely - just some of the methods of cooking
> no, our committment to the Victoria Inn is as strong as ever

We've simply bought a great Salcombe business and we're going to make it even better..........

It's very exciting - could have done with the transaction NOT completing Christmas week - but hey, stops life getting boring!! So - we'll have the pub, a re-furb, a marriage and a new business for 2010!!!!!! Phew..........

So then, here's to Christmas Day then dear blog readers - I hope it brings you all you wish for, and that the world enjoys a peaceful and quiet festive period, and time to reflect on why we celebrate Christmas at all. Here's to happy times with family and friends or simply the opportunity as with Tim and I to enjoy a little quiet time together.
Love and prayers to you all - Liz x x x


marinik said...

once again busy bee... you have allot going on, but everything gets taken care of..well done :) have a lovely Christmas

Salcombe Lover said...

Delighted to hear you have bought into Captain Morgans - welcome news to know there is commitment from someone who has clearly caught the Salcombe bug