Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Goodbye '09 - Hello '10 and a clean slate!

That's it then - Christmas is behind us..... after all the rushing around, organising parties and trying to achieve a really great Christmas for everyone, it's gone in the blink of an eye! Was it a great Christmas?? Well, it was certainly one of the best I've personally had in many years, and trade wise we're happy with what we achieved. We had excellent feedback from all our parties - and we'll have to work hard to do as well if not better next year.

SOH and I opened the pub for a couple of hours in the lunchtime on Christmas Day itself and we managed to have a thoroughly great time together. Lots of locals came in and wished us well and a fair few holidaymakers as well....... so it was worth opening business wise AND we got a fair bit of the day off together relaxing and enjoying the day ourselves - even better.
SOH made a fabulous job of cooking the lunch (Duck, actually!) and the Christmas pud that Chef made for us last year (that never did get eaten!) was absolutely better than fantastic this year!! On top of that, ALL the staff got the Christmas Day off as well - so I think we may try and do this again next year. Boxing Day was a little quiet - there were definitely not so many people around this year, but since then, we've just been totally non-stop......
We look forward to tomorrow night to a fully booked restaurant (about 65 diners) and hopefully an excellent party atmosphere. New Years day when most people will be nursing hangovers we'll be putting on another excellent curry buffet lunch, cater for a big pre-wedding party in the evening as well as several large bookings - oh, yes, and open Captain Morgans as, no real celebrations for us until in to the New Year!
So as we look to the New Year, I'm not going to do the usual round up of what a good/crap/ sad/mad (include your own words!) year '09 has been, because on reflection and taken in equal measures it's been no worse and no better than many other years.......... just the good and the bad seem to have been more condensed with moderately more bad than good - on the whole!!!
I'm doing a fair bit of reflection stuff right now (don't we all at this time of year?)- I want to enter 2010 and my new life as Mrs Hore starting in March with all and any regrets behind me and a new and clean view on my future life in front of me. I think regret is a wasted emotion, but only a truly heartless individual can live life with no regrets completely. So, with a look to the future, I just want to wish for a few individual loved ones:
A year of tranquility and happiness for my darling son Paul and his wife, and the real hope that we get to spend more time with each other in 2010
That 2010 is the year my best friend Tanya finds true love and happiness - and that I eventually get to buy a new hat(!)
Better health for my 2 brothers and their respective wives and partners
As for Tim and I - well what more could I wish for than I already have?? Absolutely nothing thank you God! I have a fantastic life, a job that more than provides for us, in the most beautiful part of the country. I have the love of a good, kind man, a fabulous family, great friends and a puppy who adores me!! All I would like is to lose 4 stone in 80 days, achieve the looks of a supermodel and I can walk down the aisle in March with a smile on my face.........I'm joking (just!!)
I'm really happy and contented with my life and I just look forward to 2010 with optimism and a light heart - I hope you all do as well............
Happy New Year my lovely blog companions..... x x x

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