Thursday, 4 December 2008

Christmas is coming..........

Hoorah - it's December and it means it's time for the Christmas decs!! So they're up!! Oh we've had great fun over the last two days - we started with the downstairs dining area, and my lovely daughter-in-law Caroline being all arty with the decorations and not letting me go over the top with tinsel (as if I would!) then our equally lovely barmaid Carol being all artistic with the windows and the comfy seating area...........
The Christmas tree arrived yesterday, and that is now up directly in front of the pub entrance, and the fabulous Glo was responsible for turning it into the vision of gorgeousness that it is.........
SOH (Scrumptious Other Half - Tim) was up and down steps
dressing the main bar with gorgeous little twinkly lights, a little
subtle tinsel (yes - I really can be subtle you know!) here and there,
a fabulous 'bower' over the real fire - with gold fir cones that I
collected from a hill top in our first year in Winchester in our old pub and
generally we have turned the Victoria Inn into a classy, soft and
gentle oldey worldy pub - like something out of a Dickens novel...
I felt quite romantic putting up the decs - not so sure that SOH felt the same as he climbed the steps for the umpteenth time to ' just move the lights a little this way'...........

Then James (our fab chef) showed another side to his genius by painting a small mural above the servery...... not sure the photo's do it justice - you'll just have to visit to see it in all it's glory...but he is one very clever fella - not only is he a fabulous chef - he's also a bit of a Van Gogh on the quiet!

Its panto time here in Salcombe - so we're attracting a few 6 o'clock customers for pre Panto meals and drinks - Oh yes we are!!! Thats quite good fun, as they are in good spirits to start with, and after an hour or so with us, they're ready for the panto.

All in all - it's been a pretty eventful week ......... business is still quite fair (thankfully!), we had a great review in our local paper which has bought in quite a few extra local customers, the lights were switched on in the town as well, and a visit from my lovely son and his wife brightened our week as well!

What didn't brighten our week was two days of flooding in the ladies loo's............ but a great couple of plumbers made everything ok, so all's well that ends well - I hope!!

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