Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Christmas et al.............

So then - Christmas is over and the New Year is ohhhhhhh just under 12 hours away! I have to keep this short as we are full to the rafters downstairs in the pub - but truth be told I have the hangover from hell today, so actually unable to contribute much to this morning atall!!

I have actually been in the working kitchen with a sharp knife chopping cheese for the pub 'nibbles' tonight, but apart from that - I am as they say 'out of the game'........have decided that Gin, Champagne and Tequila just do not mix!

Christmas here at the Victoria Inn was totally and utterly amazing, starting with pressies between us and the staff and a small glass of Champers to get everyone in the mood. We then very successfully fed 42 guests a five course meal up in the main restaurant and the pub downstairs had people queuing to get in and where most of them stayed until I chucked them out at half 2! We ourselves had our Christmas Day meal at about 7 and then fell into the sleep of the dead - after having watched Mama Mia the movie and wishing we hadn't bothered.......

Our guests came from all over the world to eat with us - Australia, Canada, South Africa, Holland, Scotland etc etc, we were also very fortunate to have Father Christmas visit us at lunchtime (with a very curious Australian accent) and the compliments on our day were fantastic. SOH and I are so very proud of all our staff - none more so than James for his glorious utterly fabulous cooking and Glo for having organised everything too within a cats whisker. We are gearing up to do it all over again tonight, but this time for 52 guests and a pub full of revellers.

Tim and I hope you all have a great New Years Eve - and I'll write again when things have quietened down a little next week. X x x x

For now though, me and my hangover are off to eat and then sleep for an hour or three whereupon tonight I shall be transformed in to the hostess with the mostest - I hope!!!

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