Sunday, 16 June 2019

Going Out with a Bang - Not a Whimper

The one thing I've been insistent with since the day we gave our notice in to St Austell is that our standards will not slip - right up to the very last day we serve our last meal or pull our last pint. Incidentally, that's Sunday the 3rd November! 

But it's more than that for us now, I want us to go out with a BANG not a whimper. I never want anyone to say 'well I knew they were leaving'!!! 

So after discussions with Senior Chefs and Manager Geordie Jess, we've decided to throw everything thats great about our local produce to our last ever summer menu.  Firstly, we've a super lunch time addition to the lunch menu - a Summer Seaside Treats with everything thats wonderful about the food we've served over the years at the Vic. Fantastic fresh Lobsters and day boat fish from local fishermen. Gorgeous juicy Scallops, Crab Bisque and Mussels. How about Chips with Lobster Butter????  Puddings are quite exciting too - where would we be without Tim's sticky toffee pudding. Thats an absolute given that it stays on the menu till the end, but we've also got Salted Caramel Brownie, a fab Sous vide Pineapple with Raspberry Sorbet and a gorgeous wobbly Chocolate Panna Cotta. ALL made in house by our team of chefs too - not bought in! 
The flowers have been refreshed at the front of the Vic as well as the pots in the back of the pub. But my goodness, we've not needed to water them much have we!!?? 

We're starting to say goodbye to customers now too, the ones who have their set times that they visit who always come into us whatever the weather. The ones whose holiday wouldn't be complete without a visit (or 3) to the Vic. 

There was Nick Price and his family last month. Saw them at the Winking Prawn (my fav place) where I'd gone to have lunch with a friend. Had a super conversation about their visits to the Vic over the years and then Mrs Price asked me if she could have a hug - saying 'Thank you for the memories'............blimey, much of that and I'll be a permanent blubbering wreck but what a lovely thing to have said. Said with such sincerity and meaning too. 

Then there's the Crighton's - we've seen their children grow from little ones to tall young people and it was with real sadness we hugged and said goodbye. Loads more as well, lots of family who've been loyal customers. 

There's going to be a lot of this over the next couple of months especially, but I'm really looking forward to seeing them next year when I'm in town as a lady of leisure!!! 

So on that note, we've been inundated with enquiries from you all about what's happening to the Vic after November.......... in all honesty we really don't know yet. As soon as we do know the Brewery's decision and I'm able to, I promise that I'll tell you. 

A last thought, do any of you remember the time we showed the World Cup from the upstairs window of the Vic while the Music Festival was on in 2010??? Got me into a spot of bother it has to be said, but thats what memories are made of! 

Till the next time my lovelies, 

Liz - Licensee 

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