Sunday, 16 July 2017

It must be summer!

The sun is shining, the birds are out and customers have got nice happy smiley faces (mostly!). Summer team are coming into position - minus the lovely young Tom who has managed to break his arm on his skateboard!!! 

The flowers on the front of the pub hanging baskets and at the back of the pub are looking amazing and we are as usual getting lots and lots of great feedback on them. 

We have 2 little Chicks from the hens who are growing nicely but we don't know yet what sex they are - please don't let them be cockerels is all I can say!! 

The Gin menu is changing slightly with a few coming off and some new ones going on, a couple of nice new Fevertree additions too. The summer menu is finalised and live and the salads seem to be going very well especially the continental meats one - very yummy. 

We sell an awful lot of meat on our menu as well as beautiful fish and getting exceptional local meat can be a challenge, so as well as continuing to use Holesome Park, the local farmer we've used for the last couple of years we are also now working with Alex at Salcombe Meat Company and I have to say that the Roast Pork again today (Gloucester Old Spot) from him was absolutely mouthwateringly delicious! 

Salcombe has seemed very, very busy this last week or 2 - great weather for tourists but perhaps not such good weather for the Merlin Rocket annual event.  Some shops here have changed hands and we're really missing not having any local bank in town now Lloyds have finally gone! Only one cashpoint on Whitestrand means the town regularly doesn't have any cash although the Fortescue Inn has a cash dispenser as does Spar up the hill.  We give cash back, but have decided not to install a cash dispenser - for many, many reasons - but still not a great situation and I think it will definitely impact on the cash business's in town in the summer.  

The shoe shop has now disappeared and in its place is one of 2 by the same family; Love From...... and I absolutely love these 2 shops!!! 

Love from Luella is just past the old Lloyds. At last real clothes for real women (for that you can read not all stick thin!) in Salcombe, not full of sequins and kids glitter, not simply a chain, but beautiful linen tops (similar to what I saw in the South of France last month) and classic good quality clothing, and they must be popular as I counted at least 6 women in short succession with their Love From bags only this lunchtime. 

Well done and welcome to Salcombe Love From.... I've promised SOH not too give you all our money! 

Further up, JONs Menswear is now Salcombe Clothing Company selling primarily GANT clothing (I think) at a range of ages from small children upwards to grown ups - and very lovely it is too! Great quality and not hugely expensive either, in my opinion!  I also saw some locally made clothing. It all looks rather lovely, very classy and again different to the usual Salcombe offering, I can't wait to to take my Grandsons in there when they come down later in the summer.  This little cutie is Freddie styling a Breton number......... aaaawwww! 

Some new benches installed (at long last!!) on the Whitestrand front took longer to do than painting part of the Forth Bridge must have taken and the rumblings of the future of The Berry at the top of the hill still seem to be going on! The message of the day coming from SHDC seems to be 'sweat the assets' at all costs - but if they try to take The Berry away there are many of us have said we will have to be forcibly removed! But, I think everyone is hopeful that won't happen and there are some great locals really (and quite rightly) kicking up an almighty fuss!! 

So there you have it - I think that about covers whats current at the Vic and in Salcombe for now, I hope you're all managing to get yourselves into the sun at some stage and I know we have lots of lovely regular guests visiting shortly - safe travels and see you all soon, 

Much love as always and until the next blog

Liz - Licensee x x x x

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