Thursday, 27 August 2015

End of August??

Tilly - one of our four legged friends!
End of August?? How the Hell did that happen?? Did I blink and miss it or have I been so busy wishing it would be the end of the season it passed me by in a haze or did we merely sail through it?? 

Actually, this year (I almost dread to say it as we haven't had Bank Holiday weekend yet) has been as busy as ever yet thanks to yet another fantastic summer season team it seems to have been a fair bit easier!On the bar yet again this year we've been blessed to have Toby - who took to it like a duck to water. On the floor we've had our runners; George, Ellen, Emily, Olivia, Grace and Alex. Assistants wise we've had Will- i -Am, Jess, Violet & Lauren.  In the kitchen we've had Nick and Emily - they have all worked their little socks off and for those who were waiting for exam results they have ALL done very, very well! Congratulations to all of our fantastic team for helping us through our Summer of 2015!! 

The weather has been a bit of a pig hasn't it and I have felt so sorry for so many of the visitors with young children soaked through to their skins - but we've done our best to help dry them off and keep them entertained with Magic Mark our magician, Jacob Cracker the storyteller and our very own boxes of toys! 

The dogs have been in Salcombe in their hundreds and I think most of them have found their way into our pub. 99% of people love the fact we allow dogs into our great pub, and for the couple of you that have moaned that they'd rather not share their space with dogs - well we'd much rather you found another pub! People who like dogs or people who don't like dogs?? I know who I'd rather have in as guests!

The garden has not been as well used this year compared to last year if we're being honest, but (unless it's tropical rain) I've never found sitting out in the rain and getting soaked to the skin much fun have you?? But when it has been fine, then we've been as busy as we would expect. 

The almost best seller has been the Ploughmans - well you would wouldn't you!?!? 

Talking of food - we are bringing in our new 1st Autumn menu in September - we're really going to town on autumnal flavours and we are also introducing home-made cup cakes from Chef Tanya and Chef de Partie Katye. 

You may not read much from me for a while as SOH and I are having major renovations to our home starting from next week as well as a planned visit to London for the Great British Pub awards - in which we are finalists!! Yay! 

Enjoy whats left of the summer mon amies, 

Liz x

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