Thursday, 25 June 2015

Hoorah!! The Sun is Shining!!

Hold on - the sun is this summer???? It certainly feels like it as I sit here typing this last Blog before I go on my pre-season break in Spain. If you've been following this blog regularly you'll know that as licensee's we can't always take our holidays together, so SOH has had his break with a couple of friends the other week and it's my turn next week. Can't wait actually - Kindle is loaded with great reads, sun cream is bought and standing ready and the laptop will be going with me as I want to finish a long overdue staff training manual.

Our new summer menu's are finally up and running on the website so if you want to have a look, head over to our website and have a look at the food page:

What's already proving beyond popular??  Salcombe Crab is as always a firm favourite and we have a lush Crab Salad on the Summer Menu as one of the salad options. The Tagliatelle (meat and Veg option) is flying out, as is the new Spicy Fish stew.  We decided against the usual Fish Chowder this year - this is a bit more refined and in our opinion more flavoursome - come taste it and let us know what you think?

As for the puds?? We've probably never sold as many as we are now and the big favourites are............... ALL OF THEM!!! But in particular the homemade Chocolate Mousse with a fantastic Cornish sourced (Callestick Farm, Truro) Blood Orange Sorbet - oh my word, I've never tasted anything so gorgeous in ages!!

The other pud selling really well is the Grapefruit Merengue tart - taken from the Tom Kerridge recipe book and adapted to our needs.  
I love that mans food......................

A really nice summer Gin offer as well - A large Sipsmith Gin with a Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic - fabulous!

Some of our summer team are starting to work and here is a picture of Toby (dark hair) having a laugh with Craig whilst behind the bar.

The flowers at the front of the Vic are starting to bloom beautifully as they are at the back, SOH has been busy with his paintbrush as well as with his tool set and a  new Budgie shed graces the first terrace with  some pretty, pretty budgies tweeting away in it.  

What else to tell you?? Well I'm trying hard to put together a 2nd newsletter to get out to all of you that have signed up to receive it - but technology and I are struggling a little today. Again, if you want to receive the newsletter (full of my usual meanderings!) and the occasional discount offer go to the website and sign up for it.

We had the most adorable baby in this week (our cushions came in very handy as a little makeshift bed) we were all oohing and aahhing over her.  It's such a joy to watch the children growing up with us here at the Vic - this little one is called Nuala and I think she was only a couple of weeks old.

Anyway,  that's enough of my witterings for now - I'll catch up with you all in a couple of weeks when we're one step nearer to it being 'The Season'!!!


Till then my lovelies,


Liz x

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Bill Lapthorn said...

Have a great holiday in Spain Liz.
The budges must be good entertainment for all in 'The Outback'.
Don't Salcombe Dairy make a sorbet? That Chocolate Mousse pud looks dreamy but Cornish Icecream?
Bill xx